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Organizational culture questions

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Organizational Culture Questions
Within an organization, there are several rites and rituals that are the hallmark of the business. These are standardized and recurring activities which are used at different times over and over again. A cultural symbol truly explains the organization and how it is manifested within its ranks. The organization that I work for believes in having a leadership empowerment committee every Tuesday of the week to make sure that all the employees are on the same page. It gives them a chance to showcase their true self, discuss the salient points related with work, pinpoint failures in terms of work, highlights discrepancies and other matters (Mills 2002). This leadership empowerment committee allows the employees to be a part of the organizational culture and thus represent their truest form through inner leadership values. I take this as the basis of documenting the organizational culture because it gives me a chance to comprehend the real meaning of my organization and how I understand the related philosophy. As far as I am concerned, this leadership empowerment committee truly defines my organization and is a vital cog in the wheel of the business that we are all working for (House 2004). It is a cultural tenet that is appreciated by the employees at large. It represents their basis and gives them a chance to do something different every week. I opine that this leadership empowerment committee is an organizational cultural example that truly resonates with the meaning of the business. It has become a true cultural symbol of my organization over the years.
I am of the view that the most significant part of an organizational culture is the understanding that the varied elements echo together to form the organizational basis which highlights how well people understand the same (Brenton 2005). From my personal life, I have always focused on highlighting different agendas that are within the domains of time management. This is because I have valued time as a significant metaphor for my personality basis. It has allowed me to manage things on my own and hence I have prioritized quite a few things up my sleeves with the time management constructs that remain dear to me. Hence the reason why I take this point within my personality as a crucial ingredient of the culture that has developed within my fore (Cerulo 2001). I have managed to see things through with time management coming to my rescue because I have valued it from day one.
Theoretically speaking, my respective organizational culture has more bearing on my personality because I like to keep things to myself. This allows me to learn the answers to some of the most difficult questions which engulf my mind. The most important part therefore is to make sure that each and every little step that I take becomes a part of my cultural basis and affects me in a positive fashion all along (Schein 2004). It must not pose as a difficult step at any stage because the rational of the organizational culture remains dear to me. I am glad I have done my best to make this possible over the years, and will make every effort to let it remain this way in the future.
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