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Organizational communication apple assignment

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Hence, we consider the word itself, the best describing attribute of it. Communication is a basic instinct of every living being on the planet, which facilitates survival. Not a day passes in man’s life without communication happening in one way or the other. And so, it becomes very important tool of every organization for without it, an organization loses its shape and structure.

Hence, organizational communication is considered a prominent subject for proper growth and working of any organization. Organizational communication consists broadly of two aspects, which are internal and external. Any form of communication happening inside an organization consisting of that between co-workers, employee-employer, teammates etc. Is classified as internal organizational communication. A team meeting, a gossip, grapevine and an appraisal are a few to name. The communication taking place between an organization and entities external to the organization can be classified as external organizational communication. A PR activity, a CARS initiative for public welfare, a merger etc. Fall under this category. Reason for choice:

Stating the obvious, Apple is among the top companies worldwide and so it has its organizational communication internally and externally. Let us take a deep dive into the internal and external communications of APPLE Inc, as it is equally important for such a company to focus on internal communication as well as external. The internal communication in APPLE Inc is very formalized and represents a top- bottom model along with a stint of lateral communication. Certainly, Steve Jobs and is methodical perfectionist ways to produce electronic consumer goods, which are marketed as a necessity to the consumer, have largely affected the internal communication of Apple Inc.

Steve Jobs, who had been the undisputed ambassador of Apple products, changed the entire organization’s perception with his come back in late 1996 by scrapping many prototypes and concentrating on a few peculiarly interesting to him. We can attribute his means of communication as more of autonomy considering the fact that he insisted on every work to be done is specified by him and is done with accurate accordance to the model described. This created a more tense culture in the company, as people were afraid to face him even in the elevator, thinking they might lose their Job before the door opens. With this come back of Steve Jobs, the communication of Apple Inc has grown extensively in a top- bottom style with emphasis on creating what the higher management biz. Jobs wanted.

This top-bottom fashion has increasingly grown throughout the years to see employees working on the orders of higher authorities and producing expected revolutionary products rather than prototypes of their own. Many instances of firing employees based on inefficient performance with the best example being the one of Scott Forestall, SSP-sis can be cited in correlation to the management’s desire in defining Apple standards and every product meeting these standards. Although, the lateral communication in the company is negligible, it has a greater significance as the company’s employees in various fields showcase themselves as more worthy through the company.

Lateral communication is very important in Apple, as we know that the various developers working on the project have to communicate appropriately to facilitate good inter-personal skills, thus driving the final product onto a success path. Although, the company seems to be in a dictatorial environment, there are numerous instances where the communication can be described as a more lateral with stint to bottom-top communication. One such instance is when a where-in the developer wanted to show the then yet-to-be-released model of PHONE-4 to his diseased friend, an apple fan, and the CEO replies with a simple “ OKAY as a reply for the long formal mail. This instance certainly notifies the trust of the CEO in his employees and his simplicity and compassion in employees’ matters, which can contribute to an effective work environment.

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