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Organizational behavior

This is known as a moral dilemma, where the decision maker faces two or more ethically uncomfortable alternatives (Schermerhorn Jr., Hunt, Osborn, & Uhl-Bien, 2011, p. 208). Many times organizations have to choose between what the “ right” thing to do is and the expectations that shareholders place on them. Most businesses are in operation for profit, so this generally guides their ethical behavior. The problem is that society has become cynical about ethics in business because they know that organizations only want to appear ethical and would rather make money at all costs. An example of this is large corporations that choose to outsource work to third world countries. The working standards and labor unions may be missing in those countries, so an opportunity is presented to take “ advantage” of the situation yet still do nothing illegal. Even though an action may be legal, it may not be ethical. This is a fine line in determining what is okay and what is not. It is really up to the organizations themselves to decide, because if they are found to be involved in unethical practices, then it can negatively affect their brand image.

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