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Open beside the ocean cultural studies essay

All people have their own dream. For me I would like to own a greasy spoon restaurant because low income people can enjoy my meals in my restaurant. I know many people will say greasy spoon restaurant can’t earn much but I don’t care about it. The important for me is the customer happy and enjoy when come to my restaurant to consume meals. As we know, many people in this world would like to eat at five star restaurants but for me five star or greasy spoon restaurants are same. If the restaurant decoration, the service and food is nice it is a five star restaurant for me. Besides that, greasy spoon restaurant foods are cheap and have more choices. There is the reason why I choose to own a greasy restaurant. For my dream restaurant, I will choose to open beside the ocean. I choose to open beside the ocean because when the customer are waiting for the food they can enjoy the beautiful view especially night view. The theme for my restaurant is sunset world. Firstly, I will choose the orange colour of lamp and hang it at the wall. Then slowly, the light will become slightly dim so that it will look like sunset. Besides that, I play on an ocean melody so that the customers will feel relax and feel like they are at the beach watch sunset. On each of the table, it will be place with candles and a vase flowers. It looks a bit like five star restaurants but it is not. It is only an ordinary restaurant. I choose to decorate my restaurants like that because all people can come. No matter the low income or high income people also can come to my restaurant.

Content for Question 1

Although have a good decoration, if no people come is no use. Therefore, to attract more customers, the menu is very important. So that, I will make sure all the ingredients I use are fresh and good quality because I don’t want my customer’s health will affected when eat my foods. For my restaurants, the menu will be divided into two types; there are Chinese food and Western food. Monday and Tuesday will be Chinese foods while Wednesday, Thursday and Friday will be Western foods. Saturday and Sunday usually will be family set. For those who like to eat Chinese foods, they can come to my restaurants. The food will be fried noodles, fried rice, economic rice, and soup. Each set will be RM5 include ice lemon tea or green tea. While for those who like to eat Western foods, they can also come to my restaurants. The foods will be chicken chop, beef chop, lamb chop, fish chop and pasta. Each set will be RM10 included salad, French fries and dessert. For the western food, before the main course, our restaurant will provide appetizer such as garlic bread or mushroom soup. Then it will be the main course, steak and pasta. After that it will be dessert. The pasta has three flavours there are tomato, black paper and cream flavour while the dessert will be either salad, ice-cream or coconut parcel. Each set will be cost RM10 that will be soft drink, coffee or tea. For those who don’t want to take set, they can have A-la-Cart. A-la-Cart will be either steak or pasta. It does not include dessert or appetizer. The cost will be RM6. Sometimes, my restaurant will have special days, like pinkly day or couple day. On that day, for those who wear pink colour clothes or they are couple, they will have a big discounts and will have our restaurants RM50 voucher. For Saturday and Sunday usually is family day. Therefore, my restaurant are special prepares for the family. On that day, the meals will be burger or porridge. For those families who come with kids, the kids’ meals will be free. The cost for the family set is RM5 included ice lemon tea and ice-cream. The operation hours for my restaurants is Monday-Wednesday is 10a. m until 9p. m while for Thursday and Friday will be 10a. m until 11p. m and for Saturday and Sunday will be 10a. m until 1p. m.

Conclusion for Question1

As we know, own a restaurant will be difficult because scare the business will not good. At the end will close it. Therefore, if wants to make sure the business are always goods, the thing that needs to do is how to attract people. For me, I will always change my menu so that the customers will not feel boring everyday also eat the same foods. Besides that, I will make sure my restaurant service is good and my staffs are friendly, have good manner and always respect our customers. Example, when the customers are comes to my restaurant, I will make sure my staff will say ” welcome” and immediately give the menu to the customers when they have their seat.

Introduction for Question 2

As we know, Malaysia is a multi-culture country because Malaysia has three main races there are Malay, Chinese, Indian and others. All of the races have their own culture, language, ritual and festival. So, when there is having festival, it will become so lively because Malaysia is a big family. Furthermore, Malays are occupying the largest percentage of population. It is 55%. They believe that they have arrived from Indonesia in early 17 century. In Malaysia, Malays are called as ” bumiputera” which means ” Prince of Malaysian Soil”. Besides that, Chinese are occupying the second largest of the population which is 25%. Chinese traders come as early as 13 century. However, when 19 century, there are the heaviest migrant occupied. Furthermore, Chinese are very believe in ” Feng Shui” and they believe that the number ” 8″ will bring good luck because in Cantonese it is pronounce as ” prosperity” while they don’t like the number ” 4″ because it sounds like ” death” when it pronounce in Cantonese. For the Indian race, they occupied the smallest percentage of population which is 10%. Most Indians in Malaysia are Tamils. There are also Sikh, Bengali among others. Indians are very hard working. Most of them start working are as rubber estates. Other than that, Malays are using Bahasa Malaysia as their communication language. Chinese know many languages such as Hokkein, Cantonese, Mandarin and Hakka as their communication language. It depends on their ancestor. If their ancestor is Hakka people, automatically, their main language is Hakka. For Indians, their language will be Tamil and Hindi. Besides that, we all know that Malays are Islam religion. So that, they are not allowed to eat pork because it is ” non-halah” foods and they can’t raise dog. Chinese is either Buddhist or Christian religion. If Buddhist, at home it will have altar. For Chinese, they can eat all type of foods but mostly if it is Buddhist religion they won’t eat beef and lamb. For Indian, Hindu is their religion. Indian doesn’t eat beef because cow is their God. Besides that, cow can be compare as their mother because cow is gentles as mothers towards her children and cow provides milk to them. That’s the reason why Indians are not eats cow.

Answer for Question 2

For me, I’m Chinese race. Therefore, when there are festival I will so happy because have many foods to eat. Firstly I will say about Chinese New Year Festival.

Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year days falls on the first day of the first month of the year according to the Chinese lunisolar calendar. This is just the beginning of a 15 day celebration knows as Spring festival. In 2013, Chinese New Year is falls on February 10th. It is the year of Snake. When there is Chinese New Year, the foods is playing the important role. All the food that serves must have their own meaning and will bring ‘ lucky’ to all the people who consumed it. For example, we will eat fish when Chinese New Year. The reason of eating fish is because the sound of fish in Chinese is ” save more”. Besides that, the fish also bring another meaning. That is ” nian nian you yue and yu yue long men”. The meaning of ” nian nian you yue” is may you always get more than you wish and ” yu yue long men” means implying successful passing a competitive examination.

Moon cake Festival

Second, it was Moon cake Festival or Mid-Autumn Festival. It falls on September 19th in 2013. The reason it call Moon Festival or Moon cake Festival because there is a legends say that inside the moon there are living a fairly names ” Shang Er”. At that day, of course the moon cake is playing the important role. That day, all the family are sit together to eat moon cake while enjoy the moon view. On that day, the moon is so round and so brightness.

Lantern Festival

Lastly, it will be Lantern Festival or ” YuanXiaoJie” which is on the 15th of the first month of the Chinese New Year. This mark is the end of the celebration of Chinese New Year. On that night, all the people will go to the street with the lantern walk under the full moon. That night, it will have lion dances, lighting up firecrackers and playing Chinese riddles. That day, all the people will eat ” Yuan Xiao”. ” YuanXiao” is a kind of sweet dumpling which is making with the sticky rice flour filled with sweet stuffing. ” YuanXiao” is sticky, sweet and round shape. The reason of eating ” YuanXiao” is because it symbolized as reunion, completeness and happiness.

Conclusion For Question 2

All the people should know their own cultures no matter you are Chinese, Malay or Indians. Nowadays, the young people only know to celebrate Valentine day, Christmas and other Western festival. They don’t know the important of Chinese Festival. On the first day of Chinese New Year, every members of the family will wear new clothes. From head to toe all the accessories and the clothes will be new. The reason of wearing the new clothes is because a new day with a new start. On that day, it will be vegetarian days. The whole day must eat vegetarian. The foods will be vegetarian pork, vegetarian fish, and vegetarian. Besides that, on Chinese New Year, we will go to relative house to take ” angpao” means red envelop that fill with money. The married couple will give the ” angpao” to unmarried adult or kids. At that time, all the kids will be so happy and curious how much the adult will give. Other than that, on Chinese New Year, we will release fireworks. The reason is because of the legend Nian, a monster that was afraid red and loud noised. They believe that, the monster won’t come when heard the noisy fireworks. Other than that, on Chinese New Year should avoid taboos. Examples: Breaking dishes = bring bad luck. Scolding children = signs of bad luck. Crying (except baby) = bring bad luck. Sweep floor = sweep all the luck. Wash hair on the first day = easy have head stroke. Anyways, when there is Chinese New Year, the foods must have the meaning of bring luck. Besides, should not say the work like ” die” or ” shit” because it is not good. Not only Chinese New Year but other festival we must respect. Now we know that foods is playing the important role for all the festival and different types of food brings different of meaning and different festival eat different foods. Like Malays, if there is Hari Raya festival they will eat all the foods that come from sea while for Indian if Deepavali, they will eat prata, murruku and curry.
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