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Occupational therapy assistant program

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Occupational Therapy Assistant Program
As far back as I can remember, I have always had a soft spot for the suffering and had resolved very early in life that I wanted a career that would enable me to help those people who had suffered physical setbacks. My passion for taking care of the ill has steered me into the field of health care. A good occupational therapist brings to his/her work the important qualities of kindness, compassion, patience and above all diligence and dedication. These are qualities that I have grown up with and fortunately imbibed to a great extent.
The life of an Occupational Therapist is a challenge, enabling people of all ages to lessen to a greater or smaller degree or to completely overcome those disabilities that hamper their ability to live and work independently. I work as a nurse’s aide taking care of patients and assisting them in their daily living. It gives me immense satisfaction to see patients recover and go back to the productive, satisfying and meaningful lives that were impeded by disability. This field has attracted me and I want to get to the next level in my chosen field, hence my application to Harcum College for the Occupational Therapy Assistant Program.
Harcum College attracted me because of the student centric strategies used for teaching and the flexibility of the program. I am also looking forward to the exposure I shall get to new methods that enable occupational therapists to increase their success rates. I should also like to learn to work in different environments that give a broader perspective of the field and enable me to work with patients with different disabilities and in varied age groups. The exposure that I will get as a result of coming into contact with people who have worked in environments different from those that I have experienced; will I think improve my understanding and skills in dealing with a wide variety of patients. I look forward to working in settings that I have not worked before that will give me a chance to learn new techniques and hone my existing skills.
Health has always been considered man’s greatest wealth. I think good health is the key to a door that opens innumerable opportunities. It will give me immense satisfaction if I can in some measure help people overcome their disabilities. I have always looked forward to this goal and I think Harcum College can help me achieve it.

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