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Objectives and role of advertising in communication assignment

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1. 1. 1Communication and Advertising In general, communication is simply transmitting of ideas, information, messages, experiences etc between two parties i. e. sender and receiver. In terms of marketing, sender will be the firm and receiver will be the target audience. Advertising is any paid form or non personal presentation of messages to the target audience, sponsored by any firm or organization Communication plays a vital role in advertising process. The messages and information to be advertised are sent to the target audience by the help of communication process.

It also gets feedback from the costumer which will help the firm to take necessary steps to bring modifications in their advertisement. 1. 1. 2Objectives and role of Advertising in Communication There are mainly four different objectives of communication which are fulfilled through advertising. 1. Informing:- When any product is advertised in the market using different media vehicles, the target audience get information regarding the product, company, brand, quality, features, methods of use etc. 2.

Persuading:- Advertising brings forward the information relating to the direct and indirect benefits that customer will get after purchase of the product. So customers will be persuaded to buy the product. 3. Reminding:- When the frequency of the advertisement is increased and the ad of same product is displayed over and over again in different media and media vehicles, people are reminded about the product and its qualities. 4. Reinforcing:- After the advertisement process is completed, organization will get to know whether the ads were able to generate the desired results or not.

If the feedback from the target audience comes negative, then, modifications have to be done in the advertisement and the messages have to be re-communicated. 1. 1. 3Components of Advertising There are 5 major components/elements in advertising which are:- 1. Missions:- They are the long term of organization to be achieve through advertisement. Without understanding the missions, suitable advertisement cannot be developed in order to promote the product, company and increase market share. 2. Money:- In order to make effective advertisement, company must allocate sufficient budget.

Money is required for the overall activity of advertisement like using artists, visualizers, media, technicians etc. 3. Message:- It is the main part of advertisement which includes heading, sub-heading, logos, slogans, jingles etc. message is the most important part which attracts the attention of target audience by various type of appeals. It is the information for target audience to persuade them to buy the product. 4. Media:- Whatever messages have been prepared are communicated through different medias like, display media, print media, electronic media etc.

Media is away through which messages are transferred to the target audience. 5. Measurement:- After displaying the ads in various medias, the effectiveness of advertisement must be measured, i. e. whether the message was able to influence the target audience or not must be checked. If not, appropriate modifications in the ad must be done. 1. 1. 4. Contents of Ad Message The contents of ad message are:- 1. Heading:- It is the title of the ad and the top part of the ad copy. It summarizes the body text in key words and draw attention of the target audience and it usually appears in bold letters. . Sub-heading:- They appear below the heading and support, clarify and reinforce the headline. They are smaller in font than that of headline. 3. Body Text:- In this content, the narration of the ad is made. It creates customer’s desire in the brand and product. It includes features, advantages, new schemes etc of product. 4. Slogan:- It is the short, simple , catchy and colorful words used in the ad message which attracts and holds the attention of target audience. Slogan used is easily pronounceable and pleasing to ears. It provides identity to the company and its products. 5.

Illustrations:- They consist of pictorial devices in the ad like photographs, drawings, charts, graphs etc which attract attention and display the product for easy recognition. 6. Identification:- It consists of logo, brand name, signature, trademark, address of the company etc for identification of company and its products and the USP of product. 1. 1. 5. Role of Creative Visualiser in Developing Ad Copy Creative visualiser has 5 roles to carry out in developing ad copy which are:- 1. Immersion:- Firstly, visualiser has to gather and collect information about the product, its features etc in mind.

Then these informations have to be analyzed and plans relating to what to write in the ad have to be prepared. Both conscious and subconscious minds are used for immersion of ideas. 2. Ideation:- Visualiser has to think how to present the ad using what kind of words, which size and color, what kind of logo and slogans etc. he has to specify how and what to present in the ad. 3. Incubation:- with the help from the technicians, artists, the ideas generated by vissualiser are laid out in the ad. Visualiser generates the idea and the artists and technicians work accordingly. . Illumination: – Visualiser also has to deal with trick photography. He has to think about such trick photographs to be included in the ad. 5. Verification:- visualiser has to verify whether the layout was done according to his plan or not. If not, corrections are to be made. 1. 1. 6. Factors to be considered while Preparing Ad Copy for different Media Vehicles There are different media vehicles which can be used in advertising. The factors to be considered for different for different vehicles are:- 1.

Target audience:- Target audience may be different with respect to age, gender, literacy etc. so accordingly, ad copy must be prepared. 2. Nature of products:- Nature of product can be either shopping product, perishable product, consumer product etc, according to which ad copy must be prepared. 3. Ad objectives:- With the aim of fulfilling the different objectives of ad i. e. informing, persuading, reminding and reinforcing, the ad copy is designed and prepared. 4. Media vehicles:- While preparing ad copy, suitable and appropriate media vehicles must be used.

For example, newspapers, brochures, magazines etc can be used for print media. 5. USP:- Unique selling point of the product must be focused and highlighted while preparing the ad copy. 6. Product positioning:- Product positioning depends upon the proce, quality, schemes matching with the product. So considering the product positioning factor, ad copy is prepared. 1. 1. 7. Colors, Artwork and Layout in Ad Colors:- Color is essentially light sensation produced by an object on human eyes. Color plays a very important role in advertising as it attracts the target audience.

Hue i. e. quality of color, value i. e. brightness or dullness of color and chroma i. e. the purity and intensity of color are different color attributes. Color is also able to draw exact picture of the object and different colors depict different aspects of layout of product. Artwork:- Artwork gives a look to the ad and appeals to the mind of target audience. It consists of graphic design (pictorial devices), calligraphy (handwriting), typography (arrangement of types) and animation (film or comic strip). Artwork draws interest of target audience in the product.

It highlights special features, benefits of product and provides illustrations and improve image of the advertiser. Layout:- It is a systematic process in which the layout designer and visualiser sit together and arrange all the materials in orderly fashion, so that it will have a strong impact on the target audience. It deals with deciding the size of the ad, size of figures, models, fonts etc. it is of 3 types, i. e. thumbnail layout, rough layout and comprehensive layout. 1. 1. 8. Types of Appeal There are mainly three types of appeal which are:- 1.

Rational Appeal:- This appeal is purely based on product’s attribute. It’s of various types which are. a)Economic appeal:- It focuses on the economic factors of product like price, discount, various schemes etc by which the target audience will be benefitted. b)Service appeal:- It mentions various services like information services, after sales services etc in the ad. In the ad, address and contact number of the company will be mentioned so that customer can contact in times of need. c)Quality appeal:- In the ad, emphasis will be given on the quality of product. )Convenience appeal:- In the ad, the nearest place from where customer can buy product will be mentioned. e)Comfort appeal:- In the ad, the feeling of relaxation and pleasure after using the product is shown. f)Comparative appeal:- In the ad, some words are used in such a way that it will depict the company’s product is comparatively better than the other product, by the use of puffery. 2. Emotional Appeal:- Such appeals stimulates the target audience and make them come in the action of buying the product. It can be positive and negative. A) Positive 1.

Humour appeal:- It can be shown in the form of cartoons, humorous icons etc. 2. Beauty appeal:- In such ad, focus will be given on the beauty of people/model. 3. Love appeal:- In the ad, couples are shown displaying their love relations. 4. Pride and prestige appeal:- In the ad, its shown that the prestige of people has been enhanced by using the product. 5. Joy and thrill appeal:- In the ad, people are shown to have feeling of thrill and excitement after using the product. 6. Sex appeal:- In the ad, the couples are shown to be ready in sexual activities.

B) Negative 1. Fear appeal:- The main objective of such appeal is make people aware about certain incidents and accidents and developing fear in them. 2. Anger appeal:- The main objective of such appeal is to make people strict regarding immoral activities. 3. Anxiety appeal:- In the ad, disappointed people are shown, who are facing any undue situation. 4. Jealousy appeal:- In the ad, people snatching the product is shown, indicating that it is the best product. 6. Unpleasant event appeal:- In the ad, message is given to people to be careful by showing the unpleasant experience of other people. . Moral Appeal:- Such appeals are shown to make the target audience realize their obligations and duties. 1. Environment protection appeal:- Ad displays about plantation, ozone layer etc. 2. Consumer right appeal:- In the ad, price factor, quality factor, brands etc are highlighted to make the people focus on qualitative products. 3. Child right appeal:- It gives message against home child labor, child exploitation etc. 4. Women right appeal:- In the ad, target audience are given information relating to women exploitation. 5.

Education appeal:- The ad give message to send children to schools and also focuses on adult education, old age education etc. 6. Antismuggling apperal:- In the ad, message is given to stop smuggling. 7. Payment of tax appeal:- In the ad, people are encouraged to pay their tax on time. 8. Donations to natural victims appeal:- In the ad, announcement is made to help the victims of natural calamities through donations. 9. Social responsibility appeal:- In the ad, people are made aware to be socially responsible and to preserve their society.

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