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Nursing paper/benner's theory

Nursing Paper/Benner’s Theory

Benner Theory Nursing theories or models are important teaching aspects of nursing practice. They provide information about definitions of nursing and nursing practice, the aims, objectives, goals and functions of nursing practice and also the details about principles that form the basis of this practice (Wesley, 1995). I have chosen Dreyfus model to discuss on the acquisition of skills to enhance nurse-patient relationship. According to this model of nursing theory, acquisition of skills through external instruction by individuals passes 5 important stages which are Novoice, Competence, Proficiency, Expertise and Mastery (Benner, 1984). This model was first proposed by famous theorists Stuart Dreyfus and Hubert Dreyfus in 1980 (Benner, 1984). The theory gained much attention due to the works of Benner who used this theory to define stages of clinical competence. The first stage of skill acquisition is the ‘Novoice Stage’. In this stage, the individual mainly concentrates on following rules that are free of context. He does not feel responsible for anything else other than following the rules properly. In this stage, competence is demonstrated by active decision making. Those who formulate their own rules and use intuitions in decision making exhibit proficiency (Benner, 2004). The next stage is that of ‘Advanced beginner’. In this stage, the individual’s perception of situation is still limited. He treats all aspects of work equally and separately. In the next stage, the learner becomes ‘Competent’. He is able to perform many activities at a time. He is also able to perceive various information well. On the whole he is able to cope with crowdedness. The individual plans deliberately for longer term goals (Benner et al, 1996). In the next stage, the individual becomes ‘proficient.’ In this stage, the individual views situations in a holistic way, and first addresses the most important aspect of situation. The final stage is that of an ‘Expert.’ An expert does not rely on guidelines or rules or maxims. As soon as the situation she is able to act with intuition and tacit knowledge. The expert has a vision of what is possible (Benner et al, 1996; Benner, 2004). References Benner, P., Tanner, C., and Chelsa, C. (1996). Expertise in Nursing Practice: Caring, clinical judgment. New York: Springer Publishing Company Benner, P. (1984). From novice to expert: excellence and power in clinical nursing practice. California: Addison-Wesley Publishing Company. Benner, P. (2004). Using the Dreyfus Model of Skill Acquisition to Describe and Interpret Skill Acquisition and Clinical Judgment in Nursing Practice and Education. Bulletin of Science, Technology & Society, 24 (3): 188-19 Wesley, R. l. (19950. Nursing theories and models. Springhouse, PA: Springhouse Corporation.

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