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Nursing for 2011-12

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Scholarship essay I have always cherished the dream to pursue a career in nursing due to the interest I have in serving patients. According to me nursing is a highly noble profession as I strongly believe that the compassionate love and care shown towards a patient would greatly help to achieve an effective cure. I have been concerned with the health of all those around me since childhood, which has further instilled within me the urge to serve people. I would also like to specialize in my subject of interest as it would help me to gain a better insight on the subject and also gain better career prospects. However, despite my interest in studying nursing and thereby gain a good career, I also have some serious financial insufficiency which is required to realize mu long cherished dream. Hence I am applying for this scholarship and have also provided the proof of my parent’s income which is low and would not suffice for pursuing my studies. Given their condition, I do not want to place an extra burden on them with regard to my study fees. As my parents, I have always wanted to provide for them as much as possible from my end and not tax them. Hence obtaining a scholarship will help me to alleviate my financial problems and help me realize my goals. I ensure that I would do my best and be committed and sincere in my studies. I am basically a hardworking person and with the goals that I have set for my future, I would only increase my hard work and my capability to deliver the best in my studies. Hence, I kindly request you to grant me the scholarship and enable me to complete my studies in the nursing field.

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