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Now as well as then: our early forbears

The main idea in the article ‘’Now as well as Then: Our early forbears” by R. Orlando Marville is about a few different groups of indigenous people Lokono, Kalina, and Garifuna. The Lokono and Kalina had very different structures the Lokonos were a simple agrarian community that settled by the water for the growth of their crops and who believed that their cacique or chief could be either both man or woman. The Kalina were traditionally patrilineal which means father to son their structure of living was by fishing and capturing the Lokono women to make more children to have a stronger nation.

Spaniards feared the Kalina not only had they survived on the islands but the held sway in Grenada, St. Vincent and Dominica after the European powers had invaded the region. Kalina joined with the French to try to defeat the Spaniards from Trinidad which resulted in the French joining a group of escaped Africans who were captured soldiers from West Africa and the combined military skills of both groups became Garifuna. The British finally overcame them and punished them by making them settle in two barren rocks of Bekwai.

Section 2 “ T&T Full- Scale Emergency” is an article about a debate going on in Trinidad and Tobago as to whether a state of emergency is the right way to go about the violence, gang activity, crime and lawlessness in hot spots across the country. The government considered the imposition of a limited state of emergency, the first night of the eight hour curfew (9pm-5am) deputy police Stephen Williams told a news conference that six firearms and 825 rounds of ammunition were seized.

While many people gave back positive feedback about the state of emergency prime minister from 1995-2011 Panday called it a “ knee jerk reaction to the crime situation here that has so far resulted in the murder of 280 people, including 11 over a 48 hour period last week”. Panday believed that the response the government made were not very well thought of and the coalition government were making things up as they went by releasing glimpses of the state of emergency. According to minister Suruj Rambachan this was something that was being considered by the government for some time.

I personally think that the state of emergency was a good call on the government’s part something had to be done across the country and they helped people be free from siege. Section 3 In the article “ Should Creole Replace French in Haiti’s schools? ” by Cordelia Hebblethwaite the main idea is whether students who were raised speaking the creole language be taught in the French language in school. In Haiti creole is considered the mother tongue, “ the percentage of people who speak creole is 100% as to people who speak French is 5%” says Chris Low.

Haiti was the reported to be one of the world’s third worst place to go to school. Although some students progressed in math while taught in creole others who spoke little or no French saw school as the best place to correct that. Daphnee Charles was among 1% of Haitians who attributes her success in academics to the catholic primary school she speaks two languages fluently which gives her an opportunity for a better job. The Haitian minestry of education has less concern about the question of creole or French they believe that English and Spanish are the languages that will really open up the world for Haitian children.

Section 4 On August 18, 2011 a Liberian corporation Epps shipping Company was sentenced through federal court to pay a $700, 000 for violating the act to prevent pollution from ships and making false statements to inspectors of the U. S. Coast guards. On November 6, 2010 an inspection was done by the U. S. coast guards in the port of San Juan P. R. the inspection lead them to find out that the commercial ship that was engaged in transporting molasses was also inoperable.

Through interviews of crew members and inspection of the engine room U. S. oast guards came to the conclusion that prior to Nov. 6 2010 the crew of the vessel used the emergency bilge discharge system to dump its oily waste without going through the pollution prevention equipment. All discharges are to be recorded in the oil record book for the M/V Carib Vision. Epps Shipping Company failed to record all discharges in addition to a fine they also received five years of supervised probation and will have to have a Environmental Compliance Plan to monitor and evaluate pollution prevention from any ship it owns or operates.

In the Caribbean news and media blog “ Puerto Rican Based Shipping Company Sentenced To Pay $700, 000 Penalty For Intentional Cover Up of Oil Pollution” coast guard seventh district Commander Admiral William D. Baumgartner talks about how grateful he is for the hard work and good efforts from Coast Guard Investigative Services and their commitment to safe guarding the marine environment. Section 5 In the article “ Controversy Surrounds Killing in Kingston” by The Gleaner a resident from West Kingston Denham town 24 year old Delroy Arnold was murder.

According to police the victim was wanted on numerous crimes including a murder, they say that Arnold was tracked by police to Denham town after fleeing his home in Riverton City after they were on to him and was killed during a shoot out. Residents claimed that there was no shoot out to occur they stated that the police ordered Arnold out of his home and shot him inside a neighboring house where a woman slept with her 2 children. Police responded by saying that an illegal firearm was taken from the victim. I believe that the town of Delham needs to do more investigating in there police department this was clearly a wrongful death.

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