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American Politics Introduction We the People is an American political history book, which depicts the exact happenings in the American history beginning with the past, present and the anticipations in future. Through the arguments brought forward by Ginsberg et al, it is very evident the authors want a change in the judicial system in the sense where supreme interpretation will be beneficial to the whole society. While appreciating America for having managed to be a super power nation, the authors pose a challenge of whether the nation can really understand its internal operations.
Just like any political nation, America respects people’s decisions. There are two major political movements: Democrats and the Republicans. However, whenever the country goes into a voting season, all these political parties have try their very best in convincing a huge number of people to support their ideas, proposals and manifestos. In line with this, they have to give room to their opponents to enjoy the same freedom even if they show dominance. This was very evident during the elections in which Barack Obama of Democrats and McCain of Republicans when they displayed this requirement.
Politics appreciate history. This is because it uses it in preparing leaders into being strong decision makers. There exist a relation between the earlier class content and the book content in that the judicial system seems to be an independent body, which has no influence from the dual democracy system in the country. In this case, it is clear that a constitution represents democracy since it values protection to both the citizens and the country at large.
America has a rich history. In a general understanding of the American politics, it comes out clear when a clear explanation of dualist America and foundationalist Germany relate. The historical founders used the Germany system in entrenching the African slave trade (Ginsberg et al: pp. 15). With such kind of system, the Africans had no powers in making amendments that could bar it.
The arguments in the We the People show a true reflection of what happened, is happening and what might happen in future. However, with a number of proposals regarding the judicial systems, the country can still enjoy a peaceful political rule.
Work cited
Ginsberg, Benjamin, Theodore J. Lowi, and Margaret Weir. We the people: An introduction to American politics. New York: Norton, 2013. Print.

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