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Nike: FuelBand Nike has shifted from the traditional strategies of promoting its products to new methods of marketing the items. Notably, Nike has opted for the digital and social marketing to promote the FuelBand. FuelBand is a device that facilitates the sports users to track personal statistics during their participation in various sports. The move to digital and social marketing aims to differentiate the global sports company from its competitors. Essentially, the shift is a notable shift from Nike’s traditional methods of advertisements such as television, print media, and use of celebrities. Nike’s quest to become a global sports leader has fuelled the remarkable move to the more innovative digital marketing. The digital campaigns on the social media such as Facebook have enabled Nike to popularise the FuelBand among the target consumers. The social media has enabled Nike to communicate constantly with the customers. The Nike + FuelBand Community on the Facebook send messages of motivation to the users to acquire the FuelBand (Guarda). In effect, the digital and social marketing has facilitated the collection of information regarding consumer’s preferences, as well as choices.
Nike has maintained consistency in its quest to communicate constantly with the customers in the social media, and position the FuelBand in the market. The company engages with the consumers and receives important feedback about the product. In effect, Nike has created a strong relationship with the consumers through the digital and social marketing strategies for long-term engagement (Guarda). The social media is an integral part of the business cycle, and Nike has seized the opportunity as it endeavours to position itself as a global sports leader by understanding the needs of the customers.
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