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Network design

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Network Design Insert Insert Network design requires give-and-take to achieve business goals. What four trade-offs would need to be made to achieve maximum security of the system?
Cost and time trade-off. The time taken to complete a particular activity can be compromised i. e. reduced by investing more in the activity (Pino, 2014). However, this should be within the acceptable limits. Thus, the time took to analyze the network to completing it is dependent on the amount of cash we invest in carrying out this activity.
Performance of the network and security tradeoff. Every business loves to have high performance as regards to their speeds of operation. Workers in the institution hate it when the system runs slow or simply goes below the threshold. The result is a decrease in production and could lead to data getting lost. The strained technical team may be forced to cut out some features in the firewall to ensure that the throughput is optimum. The latter puts the organization at a risk of attack by malicious persons.
Specification of individuals involved in implementing the security of the network. How well trained are the administrators trained regarding security? The manner in which the managers and users will become partisan to the objective is critical (Seigneur & Slagell, 2010). It also involves how the procedures followed to ensure that they are trained regarding security policies and what to follow. A security plan, therefore, requires the support of the entire team working in an organization. How to get the management team, the technical group and end users is a significant challenge for an organization to achieve its aims regarding security.
There is also a tradeoff in ensuring that the security is. The following is vital with the changing risks now and again. Thus, an organization requires coming up with alerts, carry out frequent testing, offering training to the administrators and improving on their policy plan. Administrators may be through this process of constant testing, monitoring, changing of plans and making the security system better. They may need compensation that the organization may not consider as vital thus compromising the entire process.
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