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Neighborhood problem essay

A neighborhood generally is characterized based on the layout, planning, amenities and most importantly the people that reside therein. The neighborhood I live is a newly developed community located in Laurel, Maryland, the houses in the neighborhood varies in design, style and is a residential community with mostly single-family homes.

The neighborhood looks like a transition from farmland to residential communities; the area attracts young and working class people because of the outstanding school system, accessibility to major roads and nearby cities and also shopping and business districts, it is a diverse neighborhood. The neighborhood is located in close proximity to the Washington DC and Baltimore City area both major business and shopping centers. However, because the area is newly developed, most of the amenities are still in developing stage. The landscaping, playground and security need improvement. The playgrounds lack play materials for the children, this was a yearly occurrence and one would think a solving, no matter how small would have been thought up before then. We rallied around yet again trying to provide the children with a fun and safe playground for the day, The neighborhood lacks one.

The playgrounds are unsafe for children due to some default equipment. The swing sets are becoming loose and too close to the ground, no enough mulch on the ground to jump on if the swing is to stop suddenly and this can lead to serious leg or even head injuries. Also the seesaw is broken; the handles for riders to grip are very weak and too short. If children play rough on either of the swing sets or the seesaw by jumping or running nearby the equipments, they are in serious risk of potentially injuries.

The swing sets need to be more secured put more mulch on the ground and the seesaw needs to be mounted above a soft surface for safer play. Secondly, the landscaping needs some urgent attention, the roads that lead to the neighborhood and the streets is still under constructions therefore it does not looks very attractive and makes it difficult to drive when it rains. According to the model we were presented upon purchase, the major and pedestrian roads leading to the neighborhood were to be decorated with trees and shrubs but that is yet to be implemented.

Safety is of major concern for the pedestrian because there is no distinct demarcation of the major road from the side walk. There was no visible or distinct bike trail which means ike has to share the sidewalk with leg commuters or the major road with cars. The common area, the jogging and walking trail are still under construction, The community is planning to have a 5- miles radius jogging and walking trial for the residence to enjoy during the summer time and most especially for people that love walking in the morning, unfortunately the community is silence over it. The grasses in the neighborhood are full of weeds and unattractive the flowers and the major streets are without trees or flowers, all these make an ugly environment for the neighborhood. Most of the intersections are considered dangerous because of the high hills which make it difficult to see the in coming vehicle and no traffic control sign. One way to correct this issue is to treat the grass with fertilizer, plant some beautiful and attractive flowers, plant perennial trees in the major street and also put a four way stop sign at the local intersections. Enhance residential areas with sidewalks, bike routes and traffic calming measures and ensure a safe crossing within the neighborhood.

Thirdly, the neighborhood need to be more secured; one of the characteristics of a good neighborhood is to be well secured, ensure peoples privacy and rated as crime free community. Some parts of the neighborhood are invaded by areas boys from other neighborhood, you see them walking in groups across people backyard, nagging and sometimes fighting in the street. In the evening, it is like race cars show in the neighborhood, double parking everywhere which sometimes makes it hard for resident to park in their own drive way and most of these cars are stranger’s cars, this give room for stealing and people privacy is at stake. Even though the neighborhood has a very low crime rate, still these terrorized behaviors need to be control to avoid major crime in the future.

The inadequate lighting of the neighborhood at night makes for an unsafe and dangerous environment. The streets are poorly illuminated which makes walking within the neighborhood unsafe at night. Also the neighborhood lacks a visible police patrol anytime of the day. Moreover, due to inadequate lighting, driving at night time in the neighborhood is consider dangerous because deer’s and other wild animals roam the streets at night and this had leads to numerous accident in the neighborhood. In conclusion, this community is a great place to live, it is a new development community that attracts young and working class people because of the outstanding school system and accessibility to major roads, however, there are basic amenities lacking and in various stages of development. The landscaping, playground and security need improvement. The neighborhood needs to come up with ideas to make the community into a desirable community of choice by upgrading the playground to make it safe for children to play, provide pedestrian road, posted speed limits, installed traffic calming tools like speed humps, raised cross walks.

For security, the streets light need to be upgraded, gates need to be constructed and police patrolling the neighborhood is highly recommended. To make an already good neighborhood great, few of these things need to be implemented over time. There is no doubt that implementing these will not only make the neighborhood beautiful and safer, it will also raise the market values of homes around it. It would attract more business owners to the surrounding areas around the neighborhood as well.

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