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Keynes Travel first gained its popularity among other travel agencies on outbound operations. Eventually, with its well-managed, trained and skillful employees and staff, the company has successfully entered inbound operations which can make the Philippines a major tourist attraction. As it continue its operation, Keynes Travel goes forward to satisfy the travel demands of their clients with full dedication and hardwood. Operations System and Procedures Keynes Travel accommodates walk-in clients and clients thru telephone/cellophane calls.

The reservation officers are assigned in answering phone calls, then the call will be transferred to whoever is in-charge to the clients’ concerns and queries. They use Amadeus and Abacus as their Global Distribution System (GAS) in checking flight availability and schedules. They also use online booking for other airlines like Zebu Pacific, Air Asia, Jet Star, etc. When finalizing their flight booking, the reservation officers goes to the Ticketing department. The Ticketing department issues the airline tickets.

For the hotel and tour packages, the packaging officers contacts their tour operators from different countries or places to check the rates and availability.

For domestic packages, they usually call directly to the hotness of the hotel. Facilities, Equipments, etc Computers They use computers for checking and booking flights, inputting of accounts, sending e-mail quotations to clients, and in updating the website of the company. Telephone They use it to communicate to different clients and also to contact airlines, hotels, tour operators, etc.

Fax machine Fax machine is used for sending fax to different clients like deposit slips, photocopy of passports or IDs, etc. Scanner They scan images, IDs or papers that they need for documentation. They also scan vouchers and receipts to be sent on their clients’ e-mails for those who cannot come o their office to claim it.

Printer Abacus Printer/Amadeus Printer Regular Computer Printer This is connected to all of the employees’ computers so everyone of them could print the files they need for every transaction.

Work Atmosphere, Inter-personal Relations, Layout Ventilation, Color Scheme of Office Keynes Travel has a happy and light atmosphere. The employees are very friendly and approachable. They help each other whenever they have a hard time in doing their work. The company’s ventilation is very good. Each workplace has an reconditioned unit.

The color scheme of the office creates a good vibe. The office has a touch of yellow and blue. Sanitation Procedures/Practices Keynes Travel sees to it that everyday, the office is clean particularly swept and mopped.

They also have a reminder inside the comfort room to always make it ready for the next user as well as in the pantry to always wash the dishes or utensils you used. Each table has a trash bin under it.

Keynes Travel was established on year 1997 that made Keynes Travel expert on the travel and tourism industry. They have mope experiences than other travel agencies ND they have already gained their credibility to their clients. They already received many awards from different airlines and tourism organizations for an outstanding service to people.

Keynes Travels location is also a strength because there are lots of foreigners surrounding the area. One of the company’s weakness is their equipments like the telephone and the Amadeus/Abacus Printer.

Some of their telephone units are not functioning well. Thus, becomes a communication barrier. While their Amadeus/Abacus printer sometimes do not print immediately. The result is it delays the transactions with the linens. Also, their work space needs to be expanded because it is not that spatial clients do their transactions.

They should also hire more ticketing officers because issuing of airline tickets are complicated especially when they Join EXPO and other tourism exhibitions. April 4, 2014 when I started my practicum in Keynes Travel Corporation but before I landed to Keynes, I have been to many different travel agencies. I passed resumes to 10 different companies. I went to Magmata, Papas, Alabama and Emulate Manila. It was not easy. It was very tiring and of course, costly.

But I know that I was hired on the right company with great and generous employees.

On my first two weeks of practicum, I was assigned in the Reservations Department. They thought us how to properly answer the clients’ questions and inquiries. At first, I was very nervous and shy at talking to different people. But after a couple of days, I already got used to it and little by little, my communication skills get better than before. I also experienced handling clients in this department.

I was blessed that the company lets their Jots to deal with clients. They let us handle our own clients and just ask for their guidance and help if we need it.

They taught us how to quote tour packages and airfares according to what our clients demand. I was also taught how to compute for travel costs like hotel rate plus weekend surcharge, sneak-in rate, extra bed rate, optional tours rate and the taxes. I was also taught of online airline booking with Zebu Pacific, Air Asia, Jet Star, etc.

And that I should be very careful in booking and that I should get the exact details from the clients to avoid errors and mistakes. I handled 5-7 clients. Some asked for domestic packages like Boll, Zebu and Palatal while others asked for international packages usually to Honking, Singapore, Korea and Japan.

I am proud that I finalized a booking. It is a Honking with Disneyland package.

It felt so good when my client finally approved of the package and paid for it. After being trained at the reservations department, I went to the Packaging Department where tour packages domestic and international are being processed and they are the ones who has the contact with tour operators from different places. They check the availability of travel dates and hotel bookings and they are also responsible in updating the company’s website? its appearance and the flyers and ads posted on it.

I was first oriented about the things to remember in explaining tour packages to clients. They highlighted the things that are always being mistaken and forgotten by many like the block-out periods of some amusement parks and also the peak days surcharge. I was also tasked to do flyers of airline promos and flyers of packages.

I also experienced searching for different pictures of tourist spots all over the world to end to clients asking for it so I get familiar to the different tourist places.

Sometimes, they also let me search or find the schedules and rates of trains like in Japan where there are many bullet trains because we need to match or align their flight schedule to their tour itinerary or land arrangement. This department also handles not only the tours on land but also cruises. We sometimes have our briefing pogrom different crinoline companies like Princess cruises. I learned about different tourism activities to do in a cruise ship and how much it usually costs.

This is one of the complicated parts of a travel agency.

Issuing a ticket nonetheless, needs extra care and not forget fare rules and restrictions of each airline. In Keynes travel, we use Amadeus and Abacus in issuing airline tickets. Our ticketing officer lets us drive tickets if it is only simple and easy to issue. I prefer Amadeus than Abacus because I think it is easier to use and it is user-friendly and also because I already had a basic training with it when I was on my second semester of my 2nd year under the subject Travel and Tours.

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