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Myths and theories

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There are five basic theories of myth. They include the rational myth theory, structural myth theory, functional myth theory, psychological myth theory and the ritualist myth theory. Rational myths were made to better understand natural events and forces that usually occurred in the day to day lives of people. The gods and goddesses were believed to control all the happenings of nature. Functional myths were used for social control and as a means of insuring stability in societies. It clearly stipulates the things that should and shouldn’t be done, and the repercussions for those wrong doings. This myth also tries to discourage being lazy. Structural myths were patterned after human mind and the nature of human being. They show both sides of the human mind; the bad side and the good side. Structural myths also depict the divided self and the duality of human being nature. Psychological myths are based on human emotions that come from human unconscious mind. Cultures in the world had similar questions, fears, and wishes that were unexplainable to them. Ritual theories are based on the idea that all myths are ritual. Any myth derives from a ritual, or is at least closely associated with a ritual.
From my analysis, Rational Myth theory is most helpful in understanding the meaning and function of myths in different religions. This is because different religions have different believes and in this theory we can see the god and goddesses are the main forces. From the given two case studies of the myths, the Enuma Elish and the Moses story from the Bible, the rational myth theory could be applied on the issue of creation and birth of Moses respectively. It appears that man created myths with reasons. Some of such reasons include explaining the natural events and forces, explaining the unknown, to show the duality and pureness of human mind and human nature, and help societies in maintain order and remain stable. But there must be more reasons of exactly why myths should have arisen.

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