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My utopia job essay sample

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My Utopia Job would be a compilation of past work experiences, as well as what I have learned through my classes here at Brandman. In order to qualify as my Utopia Job, the below requirements would have to be met: * Excellent & affordable health benefits package for all employees. Keep them happy and healthy; make it affordable for all of them and their families. * State of the art facility with the latest technologies available, giving the employee a safe and clean workplace. * My Utopia Job would be a Bench Mark facility.

* It would offer Tuition Reimbursement plans so that your employees can extend their educations. * My perfect working hours would be from 0600 to 1430, Monday through Friday. * Offer employees with vacation time, which would vary according to longevity with the company. * Retirement and Pension plans offered to employees.

* Training sessions would be available so that employees are able to train in order to move up the company ladder. * Require employees to get training that would cover Moral Ethics, Integrity, and Values. * Offer Mentoring programs, it would train their staff to be the best and brightest. By promoting from within the company would have happier and a more productive and confidant staff. * Have a very diverse workforce, as well as have many women it top positions. * It would offer Day Care plans for employees there at work, make it affordable and convenient. * Flexible Working schedules would be offered for working parents with children. * Offer additional incentives to motivate employees to put forth more effort to meet peak demands. * Build a workforce with a Teamwork Ethic.

* Hard workers would receive recognition, and be highly sought for any open positions.

In conclusion, I realize that my Utopia Job sounds like the perfect working environment, but in a perfect-world, the odds of finding one so perfect are probably slim-to-none. Nevertheless, that doesn’t mean that you can’t aspire to either find one or start your own Utopia business. As long as people keep dreaming of the perfect work place environment, the more people will attend college to become better educated, and aspire to promote such an environment.

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