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My Reflection: Understanding Disability Disability is the consequence of impairment that could be cognitive, mental, sensory, emotional, physical, and developmental or a combination of these. In the article Jeffrey Trawick-Smith highlights the different types of disabilities, their characters and the different approaches required to understand their magnitude in early childhood development. This demonstrates the basic needs that operate in early child development to motivate their behavior (Jeffrey 385). The author discusses the need to identify individual disabilities based on their personal experiences, physical capacity prevailing cultural norms and values, and their strengths in the physical and social environment.
Anita Ghai, a disabled Indian woman, reflects on the marginalization of disabled women in India and the driving force behind the disability movement in India. The cultural environment in India has made it difficult for the movement because of the stigmatization facing people with disabilities as they are treated as outcasts or lower caste members (Ghai 29). The Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990(ADA) defined the critical aspects of the rights and benefits of people with disabilities. With this type of governance, the definition of “ who is a disabled person” was made clear. The ADA emphasizes on the need to modify the existing facilities and amenities to accommodate people with disabilities.
Disabled people should be given the proper assistance and inspiration to get the best out of them. Beneath that physical or mental disability, there lies a true and definite talent that only needs to be exposed in the correct manner, with patience and the correct training provided. I believe that disabled people deserve equal opportunities to prove their worth.
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