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My motivation to continue of education

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Myfamilyhad the good fortune to reside in the US from the 1970’s, when my parents migrated from Armenia. They were unable to attend college, as they had to work very hard, in order to support the family. This shortcoming in their life made themstressthe importance ofeducationat every opportunity. In this manner, I came to realize the value of education from a very young age.

In school my performance was exemplary. I have always been of the firm conviction that a good education is of great significance in life. Success in life depends on a number of factors and education is one of the most important of these. I am well known amongst my acquaintances, for my competence in interacting with others and getting things done. I am extremely proficient in communicating with others.

My anchor and strength in life constitute and stem from religion. My family members are deeply religious and this has had a beneficial effect on me. Prior to embarking on any task, I make it a point to say a short prayer to the Lord, in order to seek His blessings.

The vicissitudes faced by us have served to buttress our faith in the Lord. Faith can move mountains and this age old adage has proved true, time and again in our lives. In addition to the exhortations at home, the school I attended was an Armenian school, which laid special emphasis on religion and morality in all aspects of one’s life.

These two founts of virtue ensured that I became deeply religious.

In addition, to my being gregarious, I have also entertaineddreamsof becoming a businessman. This was in part due to my cousins, who are into business. I find this activity fascinating and worthy. In this field it is possible to meet people of different ethnic backgrounds and religious denominations.

One of my objectives in this context is to become an investment banker. The rapid pace ofglobalizationhas veritably shrunk the globe and this makes it possible to interact with people from other countries and economic regions.

The Pepperdine College was inaugurated in 1937 by its founder George Pepperdine. He was a business magnate who believed in the Christian way of life. His goal in commencing this educational institution was to ensure that students were never distanced from the tenets of Christianity. This tradition has always been upheld.

Name and describe the creative work (book, film, work of art, etc.) That has most influenced you and explain its influence (the writer could choose a book thats known and talk about it and make up something).

The Book that impressed me the most is undoubtedly, the Holy Bible. It is replete with parables that direct us to tread the straight and narrow path of righteousness.

Under no circumstances, can a person forsake morality. For example, Job despite his afflictions, refused to comply with the advice of his near and dear ones, who wanted him to curse God and die. He was rewarded with the benevolence of the Lord for his faith. In my life there have been numerous occasions, wherein I had to countenance extremely distressing situations.

I relied on prayer and did not stray from morality, with the result that I managed to overcome these tribulations. A few quiet moments devoted to the study of the Holy Book and the unswerving adherence to the precepts contained therein, ensure a joyous, calm and enriched life.

Seaver college, a christian institution dedicated to the highest standards ofacademicexcellence, presents its students with a unique atmosphere in which students are encouraged to explore faith as well asscholarship.

This is reflected in pepperdines affirmation statement, which states, `truth has nothing to fear from investigation.` please respond to this statement in terms of your own spiritual commitment, describing the ways in which you might explore faith and investigate truth during your time at pepperdine.

The Seaver College constitutes an important component of the Pepperdine University. In conformity with the vision of George Pepperdine, students are taught the latest developments in their field of study, especially in the context of Globalization. Special emphasis is placed on imparting training in the latest scientific andcommunicationtechniques.

The booming business environments of Asia and the EU, which have taken the world by storm, due to their extraordinary progress, are addressed adequately. Moreover, Pepperdine had stated that truth never avoided investigation.

Truth cannot be destroyed and even if a multitude of lies are employed to quell it, it will emerge unharmed in the end. This is my guiding principle in life and I am very much exhilarated that the Seaver College actively practices it. No human activity, whether it is a business venture or a political analysis, can afford to ignore this all important maxim.

It has been said that `the ends always justify the means,` implying that a positive result in a given situation should be achieved at any cost. Drawing upon your knowledge of historical and contemporary events, your analysis of any literary works you have read, and the experiences of your own life, please support or reject this statement.

The underlying objective of the Pepperdine University is to ensure that there is no dilution of moral standards. Morality and ethics are given preeminence.

The idea imparted to students is that it is possible to function as a highly successful professional, while adhering to the highest of moral standards. This is entirely in conformity with my beliefs. The end must always justify the means. Therefore, I am extremely keen to participate in the undergraduate program of this school.

Those afflicted with moral turpitude proclaim that the end justifies the means. Some examples are Hitler of Germany, the rulers of the erstwhile USSR, the Islamic Terrorists and their ilk. A telling example of a person, who demanded that morality had to be adhered to all costs, was Mahatma Gandhi.

Despite the terrible atrocities committed by the British, while ruling over India, he never advocated the use of immoral, violent or unfair means to obtain freedom. On one occasion, the British massacred a large number of unarmed and non – violent women and children in Jallianwala Bagh, nevertheless, Gandhi only condemned the moral depravity of the British and left it at that.

He did not advocate any retaliatory measures. Finally, his non – violent, ethical and moral movement resulted in freedom for India. There are many such examples the world over. The cutting of corners, indulging in unfair means and the adoption of illegal measures, though remunerative in the short term is bound to result infailurein the long run. I have always believed that the end must justify the means. No goal or objective is worth that much that one can forsake morality or righteousness for its sake.

Since, the Pepperdine University subscribes to such thinking; I would consider myself extremely fortunate, if provided with an opportunity to obtain meaningful education from it. Education without morality is like a beautiful woman bereft of virtue.

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