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My mother’s smile essay

Mothers smile is a mother who loves to laugh and laugh when she looks very nice. That smile like a ray of sunshine in the winter, giving warmth; as a beacon of darkness, giving hope; such as frustrated, take the hit in the shoulder that his hands, giving power. Smile with her mother encouraged me grow up. It was once, my mother was ill. Very sick, but also a fever. Actually burn 40 degrees.

Looking at her mothers face was wasting away, and I very, very worried, afraid of never to see her mother smile. So quickly the water to send medicine to the mother side, I hope shes less able to quickly retire to the hope that that smile will return to the past her face. So when came home from school, I would carefully to the mother body temperature, change towels. Once I gave my mother for a towel, the wrong amount of the hot towel into the towel. The mother burn more serious.

I am very self-blame, blame themselves stupid, will not even take care of my mother, but also made her worse, and her mother did not blame me one, but smiled and said to me: “ Do not blame yourself, her daughter carefully care of my mother, my mother very happy, how could blame you? “ Ive no remorse, raised his head to see her mother, mother a smiling face is how ah: with a happy and tender, also for my love and affection. That I should have so little, so soft, in the future when I think of it, throw enchanted.

I love my mom, but sometimes I make her unhappy. For example that time, that was when I was eight or nine, my mother sent me to learn the keyboard. The beginning of some interest to me, each actively practicing. But later, I lost interest in playing. If the mother does not push me to play, I will not take the initiative to the piano. A long time, my piano will be playing is getting worse. Until one day, my mother took me to the piano, the teacher said to his mother asked me not to have more lessons, so learning is also a waste of time go.

After listening to the teacher, then my mother was very anxious. Will quickly face with a smile and apology intercede teachers, and teachers do not actually say yes. I looked up my mother, my mother smile apologetically and worry, and disappointment to me. That smile fixed in my mind, that I shall not soon forget. Perhaps the teacher was her mother moved to say, has finally agreed to leave me, so I continued to study piano. Since then, Im practicing every day, seriously, because I do not want to see my mothers face appeared that apologetic smile.

Now, I have been able to play the keyboard was very good. Here are my mother indispensable contribution. Care of her mothers smile, my heart, Keep me away from the wind and rain outside; mothers smile and encourage me to grow, so I pull themselves together to face life; mothers smile and give me infinite power, so I hope to tomorrow. Aging ah, do not stay in the mothers face, because I want to see to that beautiful smile on her face forever.

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