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My learning style assignment

My Learning Style Learning is defined by Webster as a cognitive process of acquiring skill or knowledge, while a learning style is the preference for a manner in which you encounter and or learn information. The one learning style that I feel best suits me is diverging, for the simple reasoning of theory that divergers often look at from different perspectives. Although it is said that with this learning style people tend to watch rather than do is one area where I differ, I’d rather watch as well as do thus giving me the opportunity to learn as well as applying what I have learned.

This is what allows me and others to study things from different view points, weather working alone or working in a group it creates the stage to be creative, have broader views of cultural differences. That why I feel that the kolb’s learning style of diverging is the style that best fits me. The next learning style that’s utilized by me is converging, I incur situations especially in the work place where most often times there is need for problem solving and finding solutions.

With converging being practical it does not take away from the ability to perform technical task wherein you can excise interpersonal aspects. This also helps to motivate you and those around you with the ability to be creative in practical problem solving while making decisions and finding answers to questions. For a person with technological ability and who is a specialist in certain in certain areas, this style would lean more to the person who likes to experiment with new ideas while working with practical applications.

In other areas of learning consisting of different continuum, such as concrete experiences where being involved in new experiences opens the door to the learning style of converging. The continuum of reflective observation is base on watching others or developing observations about one’s own experience. This best coincides with the Kolb’s learning style of assimilating

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