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My education

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I have a strong background in Mathematics and Physics; so a major in Engineering is the best course for me. Since I was young, I have always had an interest in how things work. By the time I was three years old, I already had had a fetish for electronics and other domestic appliances such as. For instance, my parents always bought me detachable toys; they used to make sure they had dismantled all the parts, for example, for a toy car, before they gave it to me. I would then attach all the parts until it was a complete toy car. This experience made me to be even more interested in how systems, structures and all things work. Since then, I have been interested in engineering; my dream is to major in Engineering.

In high school, I had a great interest in mathematics and physics; I was among the best performing students in these subjects in my class. When I joined college, I was determined to work hard and highly hoped to further my studies in an American university. Therefore, I began by taking ESL classes to learn the English language. I did well in my English classes; after attaining medium-level knowledge, I started doing my core course subjects to fulfill my requirements. As I continued with my math and physics classes, my interest for engineering grew stronger each time; after taking my first engineering class, I was very excited; I felt this is what I want to dedicate to the rest of my life. In addition, I have volunteered in many projects back in my home country such as repairing structures damaged by natural disasters such as floods and helped the victims out of the situation.

Though some classes in college had well-equipped labs, most of my learning was theory work. I wanted to experience engineering in a more hands-on way; I joined the Pasadena City College’s engineering club. Here, I could apply all the knowledge I got from my engineering and science classes in the various intriguig projects such as Laser Harp, Underwater Remote Operated Vehicle, Power Supplies and Hybrid Bike. These projects are intensely interesting and gave me immense satisfaction and happiness. Participating in them has made me more experienced with numbers; know, effectively, how to apply my knowledge practically; and know how to solve engineering problems and the challenges associated with it. There is a difference in learning theoretically and applying the knowledge practically.

Education is an investment; the more you dedicate to it, the better reward it gives back. This has been my driving force throughout my education. I well know that succeeding in life will require me to put focus on what is essential to achieve my goal. It is crucial that I know what I want, and this will help me reach where I need to be. Therefore, doing a major in engineering is the only way I will prosper in this career.

Helping others is one of my goals in life. Since I was young, I have participated in many community development and environmental programs such as planting trees and doing clean-ups. This explains why working for the military was a hugely important experience to me. In Bolivia, it is mandatory for every person to work in the military. I served in the forces for one year.

Bolivia, being one of the poorest countries in America, does not have a strong military. For instance, my experience working for the army in my country is different from a US soldier since, in Bolivia, there is old equipment. People receive instruction based on the old teaching methods. Through this experience, I gained survival intelligence. We were mostly on aid missions; we went to the country’s poorest regions to help people build structures such as houses, bridges, irrigation schemes among others. This encouraged me to always help those affected by poverty. Additionally, I learnt how to deal with natural disasters like floods and drought; we took food stuff and medical help to the people in the areas affected. Moreover, in the army, I learnt much about first aid, which is very crucial.

Working in the military requires total dedication. I have always aimed to lead in my life; and being led by a strong leader has always made me happy. In the military, I learnt more about dedication to duty, developing a will to win; I got a huge sense of achievement, confidence and purpose. All these are the ingredients of leadership as well as the engineering career. In fact, engineering relates a lot to the military operations.

Self discipline is also crucial; one learns to be self dependent which is one of my virtues. My family and I moved here three years ago. It was a hard time for us since we did not know English. I come from a poor country whose ethnic groups and cultures differs from those of any other South American countries; aymaras, quechuas among others. Our language is also not common; it is only known in a few South American countries. This makes me special as compared to people here at California in that I come from a multicultural setting. Additionally, my parents did not speak English at all-they are still poor at it. Finding a good job is almost impossible for them. My mother is still jobless while my father works as a cook-which attracts a very little pay. Therefore, I currently have to work and study at the same time since I help my parents with funds for rent and groceries. This leaves me with no time for other activities including the school’s volunteer services.

I always establish my goal and put all my effort towards achieving it. This, accompanied with my creativity, intelligence, skills and hard work are adequate for the engineering major. I believe I am the best student for this course; I also, have enormous potential as a student and will be proficient in both academics and research.

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