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Music app final guide essay

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As in any of the arts, is an important general concepts referring to arrangement, organization, and relationship of various elements in music 8. A combinations Of particular rhythm harmonies, and tone colors contribute to a composers 9. The new technique of writing successive passages in identical rhythm with distinct melodies is called distinctive beat, a character referred to as chromatic scale is represented by 10. Plainchant’s lack a 11.

The 12. An important new vocal genre based on a one -stanza poem 13.

Two methods of illustrating o or enhancing words through the music of Renaissance vocal music are 14. Functional harmony during the Baroque period make us fell as if the chords 15. In a recitative, the composers tries to have the singing voice vocalizes in writing 16. French composers for these were meant for listening pleasure rather that dancing 17.

During the Baroque period, the ideal of rhythm was 18. During the Baroque period, all possible keys were available to composers because were tuned (tempered) more precisely 19.

The focus on the retooling form is on the the concerto and concerto gross Baroque opera took is plot from basis of opera’s appeal was 20. What is the basic idea underlying Italian 21. 22. The real 23.

In contrast with Baroque treatment of dynamics, the Classical composer explored 24. One of the major figures of European philosophers who had direct effect on music history was contains 25. The Classical variation form 26. The opening movement of a Classical symphony was written in the most important form of the time, the primarily for form 27.

Classical string quartets were intended 28.

One feature that remained the same for the Baroque concerto through the Classical-era concerto was 29. One of the teachers who contributed to Beethoven’s role in Classical music experience was the composer especially associated with is the 30. The genre that Beethoven is 31. While striving for an ideal state of being was at the heart of the Romantic Movement, the sights artistic goal was explored the supernatural, composers’ created 32. As Romantic literature and to contribute to spooky sounding music 33.

As the lied is mainly accompanied by the piano, the relationship of the pianist to the singer is one of being a in the total artistic effort 34. Grandiose compositions of Burlier are known as 35. One of the most frequently performed operas that show Romantic fascination with exotic locales is affected nineteenth- century opera was 36. An important theme that 37.

One legacy of Romanticism was the struggle for national independence, which was reflected in an effort to here was a growing sense of realism in 38.

As in literature and art, at the end of the nineteenth century 39. In the visual arts, the new “ language” being expressed was cubism. In music, it was Schoenberg new method of that replaced the old language of music based on tonality 40. Modernism spanned from Expressionist compose was 41.

The leading 42. Debussy musical style was influenced by several events in his early career, including 43. 43. Stravinsky three ballets written for the Ballets Reuses in Paris reveal his use of progressively more fragmentary modernism was 44. Richard Stratus’s relationship to 45.

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