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Multicultural counseling psychotherapy assignment

For this reason the human service professional must not only be aware of his or her own cultural background but the culture backgrounds of others. This will allow them to develop strategies designed to meet the needs of their clients without being bias or judgmental. Professionals must establish values of awareness, knowledge and skills so that they can guide the treatment of culturally different client’s in ways that will acknowledge their unique worldview (McLeod, 2014).

Helping the client be aware There were several approaches used to help the clients become aware f their own expressions of their cultural identity such as viewing the client culturally, observing and understanding their thoughts, actions, and feelings from a culture point of view. For instance, Dry. Jeff, E. Brooks-Harris meet with a graduate student to assess how she did on the exam he was able to get her look at other influences that played a factor in her getting such a low grade on the exam. He used the odd number strategy to help a Native Hawaiian and Filipino- American female experiencing anxiety, and afraid that she wouldn’t succeed.

The Native Hawaiian express that she didn’t feel that she was smart enough to make it through educational goals. Dry. Jeff points out her some factors that may have influence her efforts in the exam. (Multicultural Counseling and Psychotherapy {Video file}, (2001). Dry. Jeff used the strategy viewing clients culturally to give the client another look into her situation. This strategy highlights the way culture shapes human functioning which helps the client to identify with elements that they are missing form their own culture while adapting to new ones.

The Native Hawaiian learn that the other stresses such as missing her family, not being able to get along with others, ND not having that sound support could have also played a role in the low grade she received. Dry. Jeff then used the creating culturally appropriate relationship strategies, which involves developing a therapeutic relationship between the counselor and the client that matches the client’s expectation. For example, Dry. Jeff asked the Native Hawaiian what kind of relationship she would like them to have; she stated that she would like him to be truthful to her.

She knew what she wanted but she lack the confidence sometimes to get there, therefore, she needed someone that was going to tell her the truth concerning the matter. Multicultural Counseling and Psychotherapy, [video, files], (2001). Multicultural issues affecting the clients and their situation. The Native Hawaiian was experiencing adjusting to a new culture setting, cultural world views, being away from home, and being out of place in a new culture environment. She had no friends and need not socialize with others.

She had limited time to talk with family and friends, which made her, feel alone, have anxiety, and doubt her capabilities of making in the new environment. The Cuban client moved from Florida to Hawaii because her husband was deployed, and they lived on the army base. She also missed her family and friends, and although she talks them regularly she could not seem to stay positive in her new environment. She became socially isolated because she did not feel that the people she meet was as warm as the people in her culture.

She also had issues adjusting to the food as well as the way people dressed. She stated that the people in her culture love to dress up and go out and dance, the people in Hawaii were more laid back. (Multicultural Counseling, and Psychotherapy, [video, file], (2001 Strategies used for multicultural concerns and problems There were two strategies used o help the client identify multicultural concerns and problems which are highlighting the client’s oppression and privilege highlighting the impact of societal oppression, privilege, status, and power on the client’s thoughts, actions, and feelings.

The other strategy is exploring societal expectations and supporting informed decisions about which roles to embrace and which to discard. These strategies allow the client to look at the situation from a broader view while examining all possibilities. For example, in the first strategy Dry. Jeff asked the client if she felt that she had been discriminated against at the graduate school, she replied she thought her advisor were discriminating against the women by allowing the males to accompany him to football games. If, Dry. Jeff would not have asked this question she would have never acted on it .

The second strategies teach the client what to allow in his or her life and what not to allow in his or her life. (Multicultural Counseling, and Psychotherapy [video, file], 2001) The strategy used to help the client realize the positive attributes were found in the integrating spiritual awareness, or faith developed into holistic growth. Through this strategy’ the lenient was able to find a support group, which resulted in her opening up and coming out of isolation. She learned to focus on the things that she knew while not being afraid to learn new things form other.

Not only did the client find social support, she reconnected with her spiritual identity. My reflection The video had vital information pertaining to the importance of multicultural awareness, and the how it affects the service delivery’ in human service. I have always embraced others because have always felt that the more we learn and know about someone the better we will treat them. I am ware of my cultural feelings toward others, and if at any time feel myself being negative or judgmental, reevaluate my position and think again.

I am able to contrast my own beliefs and attitudes with those of culturally different people without being judgmental. Believe that we are all unique individuals and the reason that we are all different is to bring light and passion to other cultures. What I appreciate about my culture is that it has taught me to embrace life to the fullest, to never be ashamed Of who I am, the things want, or the things I can do. It has taught me to be strong, hardworking, attain, and kind to anybody that I have the pleasure of meeting.

Conclusion In human service professionals will serve multicultural cultures are many levels from race, age, gender, family, and individuals. Therefore, they should improve their education and knowledge in working with culturally different population. They must have the knowledge of the population they are assessing and implementing a treatment plan for. Lack of knowledge of the different cultures will hinder the helping process because the professional can come across as being offensive with some cultures such as a male nominate culture with a female caseworker.

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