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Movies in american culture

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“ Sweet Home Alabama” is a movie about Melanie Smooter played by Reese Witherspoon who is engaged to Andrew Hennings played by Patrick Dempsey and was out to go back to her hometown todivorcewith her husband Jake Perry played by Josh Lucas. Melanie is a fashion designer who is with Patrick, a son of the mayor in New York. When Patrick asked Melanie to marry her, Melanie decided to go back to her hometown in Alabama to divorce with her husband Jake. Jake didn’t give her what she wants and so she was trap for a wile in the town so as to insist Jake to finally sign the paper of divorce.

The story started on a beach with two kids, a boy and a girl. That was Melanie and Jake running onthe beachwhile it’s raining. Jake tells Melanie that he wanted to marry her and Melanie asked why. From that flashback scene comes the present time with Melanie being engaged with her boyfriend and about to face her past with Jake.  It wasn’t easy for Melanie to convince Jake to sign the divorce paper. During her stay in Alabama, she had the chance to visit herfamily. Melanie soon realizes that a part of her was still on that place. And even if she tries to go on with her new life, there is unfinished business that she needs to settle.

Going back to her hometown seems to be an awkward situation for Melanie, especially when she joins her high school friends and reminisced about their old days. Those scenes will provide the viewers a wide understanding of the movie and how the sequence relates to another one. There were less flashbacks but the film provides scenes that will give better understanding to the past where it is important to show how things happened after Melanie left Jake in Alabama and went to New York. As the film progresses, it clearly showed how a scene is related to another and its viewers will get to understand and appreciate the film more so.

The film relates to us a story of a girl who found her new life outside her old hometown and forgets that she is still in that hometown whether she likes it or not. Melanie thinks she got everything she wished for but she didn’t realized that what he left in that hometown will give her more than what she needs in life. Jake on the other hand still loves Melanie and is man enough to accept that Melanie wanted to call everything quits.

Jake strived hard to make a good living and Melanie didn’t realize that. A true love story that is romantic on its own, comedy and light.  “ Sweet Home Alabama” is a film that will teach us to appreciate what we had and to learn that it wont hurt us to look back on out past once in a while.

Personally, I liked the movie because of its simple and natural attack to its viewers. It will make you relate yourself to the characters of the film and will make you think of a possible situation in your own life. The film thought me that no matter how decided we are on one thing that we thought could make us happy, there is a thing that lies around us that will make us realized how important it is to our life.

Regardless of the fact that Melanie has already found her new life and love, she didn’t realize that she left something more valuable and important than any other things in her life and that is Jake. The film also showed us that there are mistakes that could be done right and that no matter how painful your past is, you will never erase the fact that it will always be a part of whom you are and what you have become. Nonetheless, the film provides us the understanding of how life gives us challenges that we can surpass. That sometimes even if we get out of the life we have and create a new one with others, we will still feel the need to go back to our old life and make it right.

The film is beautifully made that is why I recommend this movie to be watched by other people. It showed the very meaning of love and it addresses to its viewer how love is sweeter the second time around. The film should be watched by young adults and as well as by the not so young and old people who is fond of romantic and comedy film. The characters of the film will surely make an impact to the life of its viewer and it will teach a good lesson in life. Indeed, the film gives us the chance to see a good story comes with a good cast of actors with remarkable acting skills.

“ Sweet Home Alabama” is a movie that I will not get tired of watching over and over again. It is a movie that will make you smile in the beginning from end. It is a movie with a taste of love, life and second chances put into one masterpiece that will satisfy its viewer to the end. Definitely, “ Sweet Home Alabama” is a great movie to watch with your friends and/or special someone.

Keep in mind to just enjoy watching the movie and try to create a story in your mind same as the movie for you to be able to relate your self more to the movie. But the movie is very easy to understand, you just need to take a good look of it and listen to the lines very well. Nevertheless, it is a movie that will share a wonderful life of success, share of pain and a happy ending that will make it even better for you to watch it again.


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