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Motivation define

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There can be number of ways to define motivation through proper definitions as well as simple literature. Many current authors have defined motivation in different ways according to the different scenarios. Below mentioned definition has been given by a number of experts for the proper understanding of the motivation: “ The psychological process that gives behavior purpose and direction” (Kreitner, 1995) Or “ an internal drive to satisfy an unsatisfied need” (Higgins, 1994). Attainment of personal, as well as, managerial objectives by the companies of public sector has become possible by the fundamental force that has been created by the motivation to the employees in Pakistan. In the year 1994, Smith related the term survival with the implementation of motivation in the companies.

World is changing rapidly and thus, needs are altered accordingly, which requires effective and hard work of the employees, which is possible with the motivation provided to these employees in a friendly environment. In other words, survival of the organizations becomes possible by the motivated employees. To make this key rule more effective, managers should think of motivating employees firstly and then expect the desired results from them. Studies done in the past as well as some done currently proves that as the income level of the employee increases, the matter of money becomes a less motivating thing.

Also it has been observed that as the age of the employee increases more interesting projects plays great role in motivation. This might be due to the increase in experience and observation. At that level of age assigning small projects, which are less challenging can make, the employee feel as an irrelevant part of the organization. The definition of motivation can be in simple literature for as well; it is basically the push of mental forces to accomplish an action.

On the true grounds the basic needs of human are the super motivator and on the psychological grounds the employees need to be affirmed, appreciated and recognized with regard to their work. In short we can say motivation is a goal-directed action.

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