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Money versus religious object

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Money versus Religious Object I would definitely go for the suitcase with the $10 million. Given I have a heart for religion and I trust in God, I don’t understand the need to go for the religious object. What is needed more given I survive this fall? I have a parachute and obviously money would mean I will be able to buy anything I longed for. Money in itself serves as a religious object. Evidently, benefits of the $10 million will be more compared to the one for the religious object.
In my economical perspective, money is the stronghold of my survival and this is why I have chosen to go for the $10 million. It is not that I am not religious. Good life is proportionally related to the money one has in this world. Everyone in this world longs and works hard to get more and more money. This is because they have a longing for something money provides. In this regard, I believe to some people money serves as a religion. This is so because it controls and manipulates people towards doing some things they were not likely to do.
In order to maintain order and a sense of belongingness in a community, money is a pre-requisite. I choose the $10 million dollars not only for a good life but also for respect in society. I chose it because I also have dreams that I ought to make a reality. I believe money is just a need and would not overcome my religion. I do perceive it differently in my case. I cannot enslave and misuse humanity since I have all the money in the world. I envision a sense of purpose when I have the $10 million dollars and not the religious object. The advantage about the $10 million dollars is that given I use it wisely, I will generate more and more of it and this will boost my survival instincts and that of the society as a whole.

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