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Mobile computing essay sample

Technology impresses itself as the years go by. Mobile computing is one of the most rapidly used devices in the world. Mobile computing consists of many devices such as cell phones, laptops, PDAs, tablets, and Ipads. Consumers and businesses around the world rely on these devices daily. Mobile computing has started drifting away from computers and moved into other areas such as Android devices, and Ipads. These devices are very similar to computers, but without the complexity and bulkiness. Mobile computing consists of the mobility of hardware and data software in computer applications. Mobile computing keeps advancing with every year that goes by. The first mobile computer was designed and sold called the Osborne 1, created by Adam Osborne and considered by historians to be the true first portable computer. Osborne 1 had a 5 inch screen, modem port, two 5 ¼ floppy drives, variety of bundled programs and a battery pack.

Mobile Computing

Mobile Computing

There are so many advantages of mobile computing for personal and business uses. Let’s focus on the personal advantages first; the obvious advantage would be that it is mobile and can be used anywhere. Many adults have started to return to school and having the ability to bring along your computer to class is an extreme advantage. When looking at the advantages in a business aspect there are several. First again the obvious as it being mobile technicians are able to bring them into the field of work. Many businesses use programs that are required in order for the company to function and allowing the technicians to have them available while on a job is very handy. Take a look at the logistics companies such as UPS, FedEx, and USPS who require you to sign for a package, how are they able to send the information back to the office? The tablets they carry allow them to keep track of packages, signatures, and communicate back and forth to their offices. Every month I order from my local Swans driver and I have to sign for the products I order. I asked my delivery driver once to see how he keeps track of his inventory and orders and he pulled out a tablet with a pen and pulled up is delivery route, names of the people ordering, products ordered, and signatures he had received.

Mobile Computing

Mobile Computing

Mobile computing for some businesses is very crucial and can make or break them. Many companies run solely on mobile technology and if they have technical issues then they are losing money and time. These companies spend copious amounts of money to make sure their mobile computing devices work all day every day. It is important for these companies to make sure the have the most up to date devices and software. They continue to buy the new devices which will help their companies move faster and more efficiently. Mobile computing is a great way to communicate as well using several types of programs such as Instant Messaging, Emails, and many other forms. The most popular would be emailing in which a person types a message to an email address then sends the message. Businesses across the world communicate using Emailing and mobile computing devices such as tablets allow for them to be received without being in the office. The most effective device for me personally when running my business was my mobile phone. I was able to receive emails, calls, instant messages, check my inventory, and so much more wherever I was. I can see that when my mobile computing was not working how it affected my business.

The most effective device I use at home would be my laptop because not only do I use it for internet access like Facebook, but I also use it for emails and since I am back in school I use it for that purpose as well. It is nice because I sit on my porch outside and can think and do my homework in peace. Mobile computing has advanced so much that the need for multiple devices is a thing of the past. In the past years we would carry a mobile phone, laptop, and possibly pagers. The advances of technology allows for one device to use all these functions in one. I believe that as technology changes the devices will continue to get smaller and allow for more functionality. No matter the devices we use the most the thing we can all agree on is that mobile computing not only allows for convenience and portability for us but also in the businesses field.


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