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Mission impossible two (mi:2), xmen and chicken run

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I watched three trailers for films which I am going to compare, contrast and analyse by looking at the different persuasive techniques used to convince the audience to see the film. The three trailers I am going to discuss are: Mission Impossible Two (MI: 2), Xmen and Chicken run.

The opening of a film trailer is very important because the advert needs to instantly grab the audience’s attention and make them want to watch the rest of the trailer, and more importantly the film. In MI: 2 the opening is a panning shot across mountains and desert, this sets the scene with the wind whistling, which gives an out an eerie feeling to the audience. There is then a close up of the main character clinging to the edge of a cliff. This has great impact because it builds up tension quickly and the audience is wondering if he will fall.

The opening of Xmen starts with a close-up on an eye; this gives a startling effect because an eye is a strange object to focus on. Throughout the trailer the image of an eye reoccurs and this makes the audience think that the film may also be strange and mysterious. This is an exciting opening which catches the attention of the audience and makes them want to see more.

Chicken Run, similarly to Xmen, begins with a close-up, this time on a cartoon chicken. There is a ‘ spotlight’ on the chicken which the audience can see is actually a torch. This gives out a humours vibe and makes the audience think that this will be a light and funny film.

Most film trailers use sound effects to speed up, slow down, or keep the pace of the advert going. In MI: 2 there is very fast loud music which the audience will already probably associate with Mission Impossible whether or not they have seen the first one. The fast pace of the music helps the advert to switch from clip to clip of the film rapidly, in time with the music. The music also tells the audience that the film is going to be loud and action packed. Other than the music another sound effect is used to switch clips of the film the director uses explosions which are loud and give a sense of danger to the audience.

Likewise in Xmen there is also fast music to speed up the pace of the trailer and show that the film will be an exciting movie. The biggest sound effect in this trailer is a pause which has a huge impact on the audience; after listening to quick loud music a pause makes you aware and interested. In the pause a man speaks, what he says is very important and the director has put his line in a pause to give the line as much impact as possible.

The Chicken Run trailer also uses fast action music, but for different reasons than the other two film trailers. The audience will most likely recognise the music as being the same music from “ The Great Escape”, the audience will know that this film is not going to be action filled and so this music is used to portray humour. The Great Escape was a very serious film and the music shows that Chicken run is defiantly not going to be like this. The director also chooses the music from The Great Escape to give away the plot of the film. In this film the chickens are trying to escape from the farm similarly in The Great Escape the prisoners were trying to escape from the prisoner of war camp.

Film trailers often use other sound effects such as voice-overs to create an effect.

In MI: 2 there is a voice-over of a man speaking and basically telling you what the film is about. The voice-over begins exactly the same way as it did in the first film, “ Your mission is to…” the audience will like this because it will make them feel comfortable with the film because they remember the first one.

There aren’t any voice-overs in Xmen but there is that one very important line of speech in the pause, “ We are not what we seem” this gives a mysterious impression and helps define the plot that there are mutant humans in the world.

Chicken Run also uses the technique of voice-overs to emphasise the humour in the film. The lady who is running the chicken farm is shouting at her husband, he thinks that the chickens are clever and are plotting something. She is shouting things like “ chickens aren’t clever, chickens aren’t organised…” whilst she is saying this the chickens are lining up and proving that they are in fact very clever and organised and plotting escape. This use of irony gives the film trailer a hint of the humour that is used in the film.

Some people choose what film they are going to see by which actors or actresses are in it. If you like a particular actor and you hear about a film that he is in, it is likely that without even knowing about the film you would go to see it. Directors know this and therefore like to use famous stars in their casts to try and bring in a wider audience. MI: 2’s main character is Tom Cruise who has a lot of sex appeal. A lot of women that would not usually go to see an action film like MI: 2 will go to see it just because Tom Cruise is in it.

Similarly Xmen has an all star cast including Halle Berry who, at the time of the release of the film, was voted one of the sexiest women in the world by Vogue magazine. Using actresses with sex appeal has a huge impact on the amount of people that will go to see the film.

In Chicken Run you obviously don’t have actors or actresses but the voice of the cartoon is still very important. The voice of Rooster, the main character, is spoken by Mel Gibson who has many female admires. People think that if Mel Gibson likes the film then they will too.

Colour is also a very important aspect of a trailer, because colours can represent different feelings and emotions and also catch your eye. MI: 2 uses mostly reds and oranges, the colours of the bombs that keep exploding. The colours are very fiery colours and symbolise danger and violence.

On the contrary in the Xmen trailer the colours are more metallic silvers, ice cold blues. These colours are very technical colours and give off a sci-fi image of the film. The colours make you think of computers and electrical devices. The whole colour scheme throughout the trailer gives a futuristic feeling to the advert and tells the audience a lot about what the film is about.

Chicken Run uses lots of colours. This film is aimed at children and plenty of colours will keep a child interested and watching. The colours are also not as vivid as in Xmen or MI: 2 because the models are made out of clay and not done on a computer.

These three trailers kept me interested with their different special effects. They don’t seem alike in many ways but all three trailers are fictional and unrealistic. They used many techniques to keep me watching the adverts and left me wanting to see the real films, which is what it is all about.

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