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Minor assignment #2

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Minor Assignment No. 2 Ad hominem argument: “ Evidence accumulates of a hoax in Haditha. The weblog Sweetness & Light has done an estimable service gathering together the articles which cast substantial doubt on the charge of a massacre of civilians at Haditha. Because the blog is too busy gathering and fisking the news, I offered and the publisher accepted my offer to put what he has uncovered in a narrative form”. (Feldman, C., 2006).
Ad misericordiam argument:
“ Oh, Officer, Theres no reason to give me a traffic ticket for going too fast because I was just on my way to the hospital to see my wife who is in serious condition to tell her I just lost my job and the car will be repossessed”. (Argumentum ad Misericordiam).
Ad populum argument:
Advertisement for American Express Credit Card. Ellen DeGeneres starts dancing as soon as she wakes up. Her moves take her from her bedroom, through a park, into an elevator, down the street and right to the studio where she tapes her show. All kinds of music inspire her groovin-even the bells from an ice-cream truck. ” My life is about dancing to my own tune. My card always backs me up.” (American Express. “ Ellen”. 2004).
Circular Reasoning:
“ The Bible must be infallible – this verse says it is the word of God!” (Circular Reasoning).
Non sequitur:
Comic strip. First scene shows a woman and a man at a bar. Woman asks, “ A RADIO TALK SHOW HOST? HOW INTERESTING? WHAT’S YOUR NAME AGAIN?” Man replies, “ JOE PILEY”. Second scene shows woman checking on PDA and remarking, OK … LET’S SEE HERE … MM-HMM … SINGLE FATHER RAISING TWO GIRLS …”. Third scene shows woman vanishing. Fourth scene shows man asking the bartender “ EVER THINK OF MAKING THIS A GOOGLE-FREE ZONE?” Bartender replies “ ARE YOU KIDDING? LOOK AT ALL THE TIME AND AGGRAVATION IT JUST SAVED YOU”. (Miller, W., 2006).
Red herring:
“ After closely consulting with the United States, the multinational forces, Britain and Australia, I made the decision because I judged that the humanitarian mission has completed a certain achievement in the region,” Koizumi, who steps down in September, told a news conference. (Hasegawa, K. 2006).
Slippery slope:
” The US shouldnt get involved militarily in other countries. Once the government sends in a few troops, it will then send in thousands to die.” (Fallacy: Slippery Slope).
Stacking the deck:
Stacking the deck:
“ The OMB bulletin would require that peer reviewers be ‘ independent of the agency’ involved when it comes to ” significant regulatory information. ‘ Experts receiving funding from the agency involved, who have performed multiple peer reviews for that agency in recent years or just one review on the same topic, would be eliminated as potential reviewers’”. (Philipkoski, K., 2004).
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