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Media piracy assignment

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Media piracy involves books, music, videos, software and any other type of files. Since this problem occur around the world and it causes a lot of loss towards the producers, it has raise the concern on the media business market and this problem has reach a decision by the producer to enforce and implement a law to stop media piracy. The main recipe towards global media piracy may be caused from high prices of original media goods, low individual income range and cheap digital technology. In this report, we will take a look at the consumers’ and producers’ behavior before and after the law is being implemented.

Objectives * To observe the behavior of the students and lecturers in Universities Brunet Tarantulas (BUD) upon the media apiaries, * To know the impact upon the individual students and lecturers after the law being implemented in order to stop media apiaries in Brunet, * To examine the demand and supply graph using the ceremonious terms among the impact on media apiaries in Brunet. Literature Review As the presence of network effects occurs, not enforcing the copyright protection may lead to the existence of private and social benefits.

The number of users tends to increase directly to the usefulness of software due to the exchange of files configured by software. This is not only apply to specific software but it does also affect the copying of books and even music as this increases the knowledge of the users upon the product. However, if files through file-sharing system such as shared. Mom also presents as direct network effects where the files being uploaded to the system and, being shared and even downloaded by a large number of users who intend to the download their specific files.

The total number of users may cause by piracy and therefore my indirectly lead to higher personal benefits. Although, obviously pirated product is consider to be sold by a price near to zero, this increases the willingness of the individual consumers to pay for the product gains. Researches have given an analysis in which the market demand clearly derived from the consumer’s behavior. With no full enforcement of copyright protection may give higher profit to the seller than profit-maximizing strategy of a seller that being given full enforcement of the copyright law. S such that all users or customers buy the product when piracy is impossible. With the existence of this strategy, the network effects are fully abused. However, as the price is too high, low-value users may not purchase but some may still use the product. Moreover, some researchers consider a monopoly model in which the original product and the copy product are said to be diagonally differentiated. The original reduce may be given and higher networks effects and a stronger fixed utility.

The monopolist’s profit are higher as they have the availability of copies if the network effects for the original are strong. Some customers/buyers have disagree upon the term pirated media as they believe that the copyright is actually depends on the individual. Downloading software and books online does not consider media piracy for them but then it was suggested to be called file-sharing. However, based on their opinion, media piracy only occur when file is being shared in which there is money involve during the recess.

On the other hand, Singapore-based Tell My Friends have a grown breaking solution in which they offer free songs for consumers but tagged with a 10-seconds advertisement. In this way, consumers are able to share videos, music, eBooks and software legally and the amazing thing is that they get paid for their efforts. In Malaysia, media piracy had been vastly produced and software was one of the issue. The Malaysian and the Business Software Alliance have Joined forced to stop software piracy. In 1999, from April to June, pirated software that worth ARM million (IIS$I . ) have been seized by the government. Methodology Research Design Descriptive research that contain clear objectives derived from the research question(s) about the behavior of the students and lecturers in Universities Brunet Tarantulas (BUD) upon the media apiaries specify the sources from which it intends to collect data, and consider the constraints that it will inevitably have as well as discussing ethical issues. Questionnaire Survey A survey is carried out to allow the collection of a large amount of data in a highly economical way regarding the impacts on media piracy in Brunet.

It is also to know the impact of the purchasing power of the individual consumers, in this case, students and lecturers of BUD, before and after the implementation of the Piracy Law. It is obtained by using standardized questionnaire administered to a sample. Pilot Testing people before applying it to the population sample. The purpose is to ensure that everyone in the sample understands the questions and will be able to know how long it takes to complete the real survey in time. It is conducted before the real questionnaire is given out.

It is important to do the pilot testing so that the exponents will feel comfortable in answering those questions. Data Collection Both quantitative and qualitative data is used in collecting data for this survey. Quantitative data involves any data collection technique such as questionnaire that relate the consumers opinion on media piracy in Brunet or data analysis such as graphs and statistics that uses numerical data. Whereas, the qualitative data is any data collection technique such as interview (Snowball Survey Technique) that is being carried out for the producers.

Not to forget the data analysis such as categorizing data that generates or uses non-numerical data. In this survey, several data that need to be collected: * Gender * Age * Income Range * Budget on purchasing DVD’s, CDC, software and etc. * Quantity purchased on DVD’s, CDC, software and etc. * Purchasing power before and after the implementation of the Piracy Law Consumer’s opinion on Piracy impacts * Consumers choices * Individual Opinion (Producer and Consumer) A total of 506 NIB students in JIBE were selected as population sampling framework.

Multi-stage cluster sampling was used where groups selected in a cluster sample are so large that a sub-sample must be selected from each group. It involves taking a rise of cluster samples, each involving some form of random sampling. One of the retail shop owner was informally interviewed as the owner’s name and shop name remain disclosed. The interview will be held at his/her place and several question will be asked. The answers to the question will only be noted then reconstruct it into the report.

Sampling response rate We decided to take a sampling frame of 10 and 70 for pilot testing and population sample respectively; of which include 60 students and 10 lecturers. Below are the total response rates for each sample:- Total response rate for pilot testing = 10/10 Total response rate for students = 51/60 = 85% Total response rate for lecturers = 6/10 = 60% Total response rate for all = 57/70 = 81. 4% Data representation Age * Students Our respondents consists of the age group 19-off which 14 respondents out of 51 active respondents are aged 20 followed by 12 and 6 respondents for aged 19 and 21 respectively.

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