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Maze runner

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1.) TheMaze RunnerAuthor- James Dashner.
Director- Wes Ball.
Book- ” If you ain’t scared you ain’t human.”
Movie- ” No one has ever survived a night in the maze.” 2.) SettingThere are many similarities and some differences in the setting. In the book they have lived in the maze for about 2 years, but in the movie it’s 3 years. Also In the book the maze is a huge room, while in the movie it’s built above ground. They both take place in a maze and sometime in the future. 3.) Main CharactersThomas is very similar in the movie and the book. He is curious- he is the only person that ever questions about the maze. Teresa is Driven in the book but is Hopeful in the movie.
Driven- She isn’t afraid to contribute on how to get out of the maze even though she is the only woman.
Hopeful- during the movie she has much trust in the runners that they will lead them out. Minho is very similar in the book and in the movie as well. He has knowledge because he has been studying the maze the longest. Newt is a leader in the book but forgiving in the movie.
Leader- He keeps everyone together and makes sure they are calm even with the circumstances.
Forgiving- He forgives Thomas for running in the maze when he wasn’t suppose to and for what he did before they arrived in the maze. 4&5.) Plot EventsIn the plot line the exposition and the initial conflict are the same. The exposition introduces the setting, the initial conflict, the characters and their traits. The initial conflict are that many teens are trapped in a maze and they can’t remember their lives before.
Book Rising Action- Thomas tries to help Minho by running into the maze, but now he has to survive a night there. He ” kills” some grievers by tricking them into falling of the cliff into their invisible griever hole. Teresa the last greenie arrives, she triggers the end and causes everything to change, and she can communicate with Thomas telepathically. The end begins as the sky turns gray and the doors don’t close. The grievers come at night and take a person a day. Thomas gets stung by one of them. Once he awakes he remembers everything and how Thomas and Teresa helped the creators, but he does remember a way out. It’s through the griever hole.
Book Climax- Chuck shuts down the maze and many of them make it out alive.
Book Falling Action- Once they reach the exit they’re accompanied by Gally which is under the creators control. He tries to stab Thomas, but Chuck saves him by getting in the way of the knife and dies. Thomas then brutally beats Gally to his death. The Rising Action, Climax, and The Falling Action are a little different in the movie. In the rising action Thomas tries to save Minho and kills a griever by tricking it into crushing its self while the maze is changing. Minho and Thomas pull a device out of the griever that leads them to the grievers hide out, but they need a code to get to the other side. Then Teresa arrives and the ending begins when the grievers come in the glade Alby cuts the stinger off of one and Thomas stings himself so he can remember. Thomas leads almost everyone into the maze looking for the griever hole with the device Minho and him found. In the Climax Teresa enters a code that Minho yells to her that shuts down the maze. Once they are out Gally is right behind them with a gun and has been stung. He tries to shoot Thomas, but Chuck steps in front and takes a bullet for him. At the same time Minho stabs Gally with a spear. These changes are huge because that’s what makes the story compatible and what makes them different. 6.) ResolutionThe resolution was the same for the book and the movie. They all know why they were chosen to go through these trials. How the world was destroyed through solar flares and disease. Also how they may be able to save mankind by passing tests, which will allow them to figure out a cure for the disease and help the destruction that has happened globally. 7.) Who wins the battle? The book wins. I believe this because the book goes much more in depth with detail in the plot line, like with Thomas’s and Teresa’s telepathy ability. They barely touched on that subject in the movie, and that is a huge significance because that’s what makes them special. Also how Chuck died in the book he was killed by the creators that were controlling Gally, but in the movie Gally shot and killed Chuck with a gun, while he was stung by a griever. The books scenario was better because it shows how ruthless the creators really are. ONMAZE RUNNER SPECIFICALLY FOR YOUFOR ONLY$13. 90/PAGEOrder Now

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