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Maus i chapter 6

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What does Vladek mean when he says that reading Artie’s comic makes him ” interested” in his own story (p. 133)? Is this statement just a product of broken English, or does it reveal some deeper truth about what happens when we record our personal histories? No he is really interested in seeing his own story written and having others interested in it as wellOn page 136 Vladek says that he was able to pass for a member of the Gestapo but that Anja’s appearance was more Jewish. What visual device does Spiegelman use to show the difference between them? Anja has a tail, she is more visibly JewishGiven the fact that the Spiegelmans are ” mice,” what is the significance of the panels on page 147, in which Vladek and Anja’s hiding place turns out to be infested with rats? Why might the author have portrayed this incident? That as mice they were still not virulent like rats… even as mice they were not dirty animals like rats were.. the rats are anatomically correct, while the jewish mice are not.. the jewish mice are not animals, but the rats in the chapters are.. just like the ” american” dogs are not animals but the German’s dogs are. On page 149 Vladek is almost betrayed by a group of schoolchildren. What stories did Poles tell their children about Jews? How do you think such stories—and perhaps similar stories told by German parents—helped pave the way for the Final Solution? That Jews would throw them into a bag and eat them so that they would tell their parents if they ever discovered any Jews. This helped the Germans flush out Jews. Why does Vladek want to flee to Hungary? How are he and Anja eventually captured? What is the significance of the letter from Mandelbaum’s nephew (p. 154)? He thinks they can live safely there like they used to. The smugglers leave them on the streetcar where the Gestapo arrests them. The letter gives them assurance that everything is safe in Hungary. Why does Artie call his father a murderer? Is he justified? Who else has he called a murderer, and why? Because he has destroyed his mother’s diaries and memories.. his mother killed herself and now his father has killed his mother’s memories.. in his comic he called his mother a murderer because she held on to him so tightly, he feels guilty and blames himself for his mother’s death, now he blames his father. ONMAUS I CHAPTER 6 SPECIFICALLY FOR YOUFOR ONLY$13. 90/PAGEOrder Now

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