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Math and criminal justice

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Math and Criminal Justice Danielle Decook MMI 50-66 Survey of Mathematics Instructor Lisa James July 8, 2010 A Career in the Criminal Justice Field There are so many career options in the Criminal Justice field I have not been able to decide exactly what I want to do yet but I am very interested in possibly becoming a Criminologist. While doing my research I have seen that Math is used in every aspect of Criminal Justice from law enforcement using math to work car accidents, drug raids, crime scenes, and sometimes Just using math to fgure up crime statistics n their area.

A Criminologist will use statistical principles such as probability in criminal profiling, which is a way they attempt to put together a profile of the type of person who was likely to have committed the crime, certain crimes or a particular class of crime. Math helps investigators determine the characteristics of perpetrators and possible suspects. While working a case involving a nurse who throughout the years of her employment at the hospital in the medical unit she had obtained this nickname of” Angel of

Death” from some of her coworkers because she was around when some patients would go into cardiac arrest and she would be the first one to yell ” code blue” and administer epinephrine to try and stop the heart attack before the emergency team arrived sometimes saving the persons life. The death rate started to increase and there started to become a shortage of epinephrine . Well some of her coworkers became kind of suspicious of the whole situation and started to think that her nickname that they gave her really started to fit so finally they reported it and an nvestigation began.

I will use math to calculate the probability of the heart attacks being a coincidence or intentional . When I started to do my research on the nurse I looked for if there were more deaths in the unit when she worked from the years of 2000-2009. I found 2004, 2005, 2006, and 2007 there were any where from 25 to 30 deaths on one shift and the other two shifts there were still around 10 deaths, in 2008 and 2009 there were around 10 deaths on each shift, I had found out that the nurse was no longer in he medical unit during 2008 and 2009.

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