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There are six factors f the external environment that Australia possessed that made this decision possible. These six factors are: Social factors, Demographic factors, Economic factors, Technological factors, Political and Legal factors, and Competitive factors. This conclusion Is based upon mainly the economic strength and the Technological External Environmental factors of this country. Australia has economic stability to patron the U Drive Transport business, along with their impressive Demographics.

The Technological factors are strong as well, they have the modern technology that loud withstand the requirements of a new business entering into their country, for example: U Drive Transport. Being that Australia also plays an active role in the World Trade Organization expresses to a business like U Drive Transport that this country already has the experience and the knowledge of the business world. There is definitely more Information that could be acquired about this fantastic country that has shown signs of very strong potential for the new expansion location for U Drive Transport.

Within this Memo, I am also requesting not only should Australia be insider to be the next location but I am also requesting an expansion for more research and evaluation due to the fact that there is so much more to see especially about the Social External Environmental factors of Australia. This explains why this information is not included in the Memo. Looking forward to your response. Ms. Tijuana Hutchinson U Drive Transport External Environmental Analysis World Region: Country: Bureau of East Asian and Pacific Affairs Major City Center: Australia Social External Environmental Factors (Textbook Pages: ) Opportunities:

Resources: http://www. State. Gob/e/be/peeped/cars/index. HTML Demographic External Environmental Factors (Textbook Pages: ) Opportunities: Being that the life expectancy at birth is long and healthy, U Drive Transport will be able to provide services for not Just the young but the old too for a substantial amount of years. The life expectancy at birth for Australia is 79. 63 years for men and 84. 64 years for women. Threats: As long as there is not any severe diseases or any natural disasters that would wipe out a huge amount of the population that would revert the young as well as the old to be able to live.

We have all learned from Hurricane Strain that natural disasters do occur. The U. S. Census International Data Base is located at: http://www. Census. Gob/population/international/data/dib/ environmentally. PH Economic External Environmental Factors (Textbook Pages: ) Opportunities: The Australian economy has experienced continuous growth and features low unemployment, contained inflation, very low public debt, and a strong and stable financial system. By 2012, Australia had experienced more than 20 years of intended economic growth, averaging 3. 5% a year.

Demand for resources and energy from Asia and especially China has grown rapidly, creating a channel for resources investments and growth in commodity exports. Threats: The United States Just experienced a recession, this would be the only cause for Australia’s successful economy growth. That would be a recession, and this has been known to happen to the best of countries, it happened to the United States so it could happen to any country. Technological External Environmental Factors (Textbook Pages: ) Opportunities: Australia has 10. 47 million telephone main line in use, and 24. Million mobile cellular lines. The Australian Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) runs multiple national and local radio networks and TV stations, as well as Australian Network, a TV series that broadcasts throughout the Asia-Pacific region and is the main public broadcaster. Australia has 17. 081 million Internet hosts and 15. 81 Internet users. Threats: Just like the economic recession, the technology systems for this country could run into a glitch that could prevent all of their systems from running, and that loud destroy their technology.

Political and Legal External Environmental Factors (Textbook Pages: ) Opportunities: Australia has an Executive Branch, Judicial Branch, and a Legislative Branch. They also have nine political parties with leaders. The Australia legal Threats: Whatever Allies that Australia may have, those countries will always have the ability to no longer respect the politics and the legal system of Australia. Resources: The World Fastback Competitive External Environmental Factors (Textbook Pages: ) Opportunities: All the countries that do not participate in the World Trade

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