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Marketing management in modern world

Marketing Management

As an art, marketing creates interests in the consumer’s mind which becomes ones likeness. “ Most people think of science is to increase the accuracy of predictions. Although this is part of it, thje ral goal is to increase understanding” (Marketing News). It’s a well known fact that today’s consumers have many alternative choices. Since the market competition is increasing at a rapid rate, businesses need to use intellectual idea and creative thought to market their products. Marketing as a science needs to provide logical information of product to create interest in the mind of consumers. For example a consumer looking for a face cream because her skin is dry. She found two different face creams at shop with different package presentation so in order to make a purchase she would look at the product specifications which will results in her making the correct choice. The art of marketing comes from implementing plans to attain and keep consumers, and seeing what really works. The science of marketing provides the fundamentals of good marketing practices such as market research. “ WOM and buzz marketing is not rooted in the marketing of a particular brand, product, or service, but rather is based in the everyday relationships and conversations of people discussing other matters” (Management Communication Quarterly).

Marketing is about understanding and influencing behaviors which can be done through studies on how people react to certain motive in predictable ways and it also looks at measuring and analyzing numbers so marketing is considered a science. As an art, marketing is about appreciating the nuances of human behaviors and also creating an immediate and future product demand. “ This will be concentrating on marketing yourself as an artist and using deviant ART as your “ home base” to do so” (Art Marketing, DA & YOU)

Marketing is a science because it involves money that is how much you spend on marketing your product and services and what would be the return from this investment. Branding requires an innovative approach which is very difficult to measure and as such is the art in marketing. For the above marketing is both art and science: as science marketing should lead and measure while as art it should inspire and create. The marketing concepts main focus has mostly being on customer and customer needs and the product, price, promotion and place would be able to provide the balanced marketing mix.

Marketing is surely much more of an art than science. “ The objectives of science are not always achieved in marketing study” (Can Marketing be a science). Saying that is easy for me as I believe in it. I see product specifications to be as science of it whereas getting it sold is the art of it. As the comparison basis continues, any product has maximum competition. It could be unique in its own way however the strategy to get it out to the customers and actually the essence of making it sold requires an art. The two brands of “ Toyota and Nokia” have established there brands names over years. It has its faithful customers for years because the two renowned brands build on the prospects to see them as the only one to provide the required solution to the customers’ problems. It sees that the art of their product resides within the heart and minds of their customers, clients and prospects. “ Marketing strategies (especially high-variety strategies) should be especially concerned with the effects on consumers’ expectations” (Marketing and the Tyranny of Freedom). The marketers that are mostly artists connect with their customers while they inspire and challenge them. Marketing as an art creates the most necessary outcome to firms and that is profit. It surely creates interest in the mind of users and also develops the standard of living as one likes. “ We marketers aren’t true artists, we need to be highly creative thinkers who apply scientific principles to managing the art (Marketing: The Art vs. Science Debate). The well known fact in today’s era is that consumers have many options and the world is driven with perfect competition market. It is necessary that business managers use intellectual ideas and creative thoughts to market their products attractively. It would be important to look in a way for succeeding in marketing; it will become essential to hire an artist than a scientist. It normally takes the required and necessary components to present ones view artistically and humans have an analytical mind to engage into the necessary tools for marketing to be utmost and successful.

“ In today’s high-tech world, most technically-oriented product developers would be well advised to seek out a marketing artist to work with — rather than trying to become the all-in-one craftsman” (The Art of Marketing). It is the ultimate goal of an business owner to generate an extensive return on the marketing investment being and this surely requires the art of marketing which is being creative and having that positive attitude towards customers.

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