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Marketing communication

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MARKETING COMMUNICATION One year marketing revamp plan for Viejas …………………………….. College …………………………………. …………………… Words count ……
Target audience
Nothing is more important in designing and developing an effective marketing and communication plan than defining the target audience. As far as Viejas Outlet Centre is concerned, the main target audience comprises of young children and money spenders. Pinson and Jinnett (2006) described that developing a customer profile is part of defining target audience (p. 20). Viejas Outlet Centre primarily looks at designing and creating profile of its customers including both young children and money spenders, with relevant information like customers’ attitude, their feedback for the services and extent of their satisfaction etc, being collected from various reliable sources so that communication channels and methods can be planned effectively.
Defining target audience includes knowing the behavior, attitude and individual tastes of each customer or various sub groups in the target groups in order to facilitate playful environment and joyful natural sceneries. Defining the target market also includes giving the prospective customers a compelling as well as logical reason to go out of competitors’ way and to spend their money for your goods or services (Harper, 2003, p. 75). Viejas Outlet Centre considers this as virtual point that can pave a way to marketing success for the next one year. Money spenders and Childs will be communicated regarding what makes Viejas different from other outlet centers and thus to attract them to the joyful environment provided by Viejas.
Sales Promotion
Sales promotion will be a key ingredient in the marketing and communication campaign of Viejas. According to Martin (2008), sales promotion is a marketing process that provides extra value to the sales force, distributors and final consumers in order to stimulate immediate sale (p. 124). Viejas basically consider this material fact that customers must be provided extra value through various methods of promotion. In order to do so, Viejas proposes both loyalty or store card facility and golf carts services and therefore sales and total revenue can be stimulated.
Both loyalty cards and golf carts will definitely promote the sales from the targeted audience. Linked with store card system, Viejas plans to provide offers and lucky draw program in order to attract more children apart from free parking. Children will be highly motivated towards offers and lucky draw to get rewards and appreciation and thus they may find more times to spend in the Outlet Centre.

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