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Marketing assignment

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One-to-many: The traditional communication model Promotion: The coordination of a marketer’s communication efforts to influence attitudes or behavior Every elements of the marketing mix is actually a form of communication Marketing communication Some push specific product or actions whereas others try to create or reinforce an image that represents an entire organization Should perform in 4 ways: 1) It Informs consumer about goods and services 2) It reminds consumers to continue using certain brands ) It persuades consumers to choose one brand over others 4) It builds relationship with customers Integrated marketing communication: A strategic business process that marketers use to plan, develop, execute, and evaluate coordinated, measurable, persuasive rand communication programs over time to targeted audiences MIMIC approach argues that consumers come in contact with the brand before. After and during the purchase trough different touch points. Multinational promotional strategy: A marketing communication strategy where they imbibe traditional advertising, sales promotion, and public relations activities with online buzz-building activities.

With MIMIC, marketers seek to know what Information consumers want, where, when and how they want It Models of marketing communication A. The one to many model advertising Sales promotion public relations It Involves traditional forms of mass media (TV, radio, magazines, and newspaper), out of home (Like billboards); and Internet advertising. It also includes consumer sales promotion such as coupons, samples, rebates, or contests and press releases and apical events that public relations organize B. The Many-to-Many Model Buzz Building Social Media of as many-to-many 0 Word-of-mouth communication: Communication that takes place when consumers provide information about products.

People seek for information or recommendation by themselves Marketers Just add in updated communications model new tools such as buzz- building activities that use viral and evangelical marketing techniques, new platforms such as brand communities, product review sites and social network sites. C. The One-To-one Model Database Marketing Direct Marketing Personal Selling In One-to-One marketing, marketers seek to speak to consumers and business customers individually It includes personal selling, personal trade sales, promotions activities used to support personal selling, and a variety of databases marketing activities that include direct marketing.

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