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Marketing and management

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Marketing Policy of Dunkin’ Donuts Table of Contents: Introduction 3 How does Dunkin’ Donuts build long term relationships? 3 What is Dunkin’ Donut’s value proposition? 3
How is Dunkin’ growing its share of customers? 4
3) Marketing environment of American Express. 4
This project attempts to analyze the present marketing condition of the Company called Dunkin’ Donuts, a famous fast food restaurant in America. Not only does it evaluate the company’s relation with the customers but also presents a comparative analysis with its close competitor named Starbucks, another fast food restaurant. This project also undertakes the study of the website (www. americanexpress. com) and analyses its marketing strategy.
How does Dunkin’ Donuts build long term customer relationships?
One way that Dunkin’ tries to enhance its customer relationship is by making the customers feel as if they are part of its extended family and not somebody from outside. Its customers include white collared as well as blue collared workers irrespective of their race, age and income group. Its homely atmosphere and common place ambience bestows it with a distinctive quality that makes a working family man comfortable to visit the place with his family. Its main target customers are the middle class people, both males and females aged between 18 to 25 years. Its relationship with its customers has remained unchanged through the thick and thin of time. Never has it attempted to change the profile of its target customers. The customers too have remained loyal to the company.
What is Dunkin’ Donut’s value proposition?
Dunkin’ Donuts value proposition is to frame a clear idea of the type of customers it seeks to serve. An attempt to target any other type of customers will not be very effective rather it would then run the risk of losing its existing customers. The primary focus of Dunkin’ is the middle class people. Some time back Dunkin’ had termed a new sandwich as “ Panini”. It was not accepted by the customers because they felt that the name was too fancy. It was then renamed as “ Stuffed melt”.
How is Dunkin’ growing its share of customers?
The company aims at broadening its customer base by providing them with products and services that they want. They came out with a campaign that involved its existing customers and clients. People shared photos along with the brand name and posted these photographs on the walls. This helped to nurture a relation between the company and its customers and drew in more coffee addicts. This measure broadened the customer base and increased brand awareness. (Fall 2006, The Bright Agency. p. 10)
2) Value Proposition of Starbucks.
Starbucks is another fast food restaurant that gives a tough competition to Dunkin’ Donuts. However, the two companies target different customers and have totally different requirements for their respective coffee shops. Starbucks has differentiated itself as a service provider to high end customers. Its ambience is characterized by soothing music, availability of couches, wireless access to the internet and well decorated walls.
3) Marketing environment of American Express.
From its website it is evident that American Express has taken a proactive approach to market its product. The website has detailed accounts about the manner in which the customer might be benefitted from its service. Its primary focus is on the ambience which it claims to be very comfortable and customer friendly. The customers are provided with specific guidelines so that they can reap the maximum benefit.
In conclusion it can be said that the maturity of Dunkin’ Donuts marketing strategy is evident from the nature of its operations. The strategy has helped it not only to retain but also to acquire new customers. Starbucks on the other hand is successful with its altogether different kind of strategy. Even American Express is also following a customer friendly approach in order to serve its clients in the best possible way.
Fall 2006, The Bright Agency. No Date. Dunkin’ Donuts. June 24, 2010.

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