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Marine pollution solution assignment

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Nevertheless, continued research concludes that the damage from oil pollution is much more pervasive than previously thought. Subsequently, the biological effects of petroleum contamination can be subtle. The toxicity of the compounds contained within the oil can have short- term effects, or they can span over longer periods of time. Consequently, the size of the spill is not necessarily the determining factor as to its damaging effects. Depending on how many toxins are released in the oils, entire communities of organisms maybe stored by a small spill. Additionally, aging oil pipelines near coastal cities are a potential threat.

Federal agencies and environmental agencies should work together to elevate the hazard of abandoned oil facilities and aging pipelines to minimize the possibility of future spills. Non-point source run-offs, watershed drainage, and atmospheric depositions are difficult to monitor and control. A partnership be; en local, state and federal government need to be established in order to control the petroleum being released by consumers and industry. Improved landscape management, increasing the usage of hybrid vehicles and educating the public can lessen petroleum run-offs.

The power of education is the first step in order for the public to see a need for change. Ultimately, this should lead to legislation and the funding Of a clean energy policy. Today’s technology demands abortion of fossil fuel reliance. Now is the time to adopt green energy economy. Marine Pollution Solution 3 Green energy is clean energy. Research has shown that if we invest in green energy, we will create more jobs for our depleted economy. Clean energy fueled by renewable befouls, wind, and alarm energy could eliminate the need for fossil fuels.

Befouls, solar, and wind energy are the three forms of clean energy that are on the rise globally. The private sector is already investing heavily in renewable clean energy. “ Global investments rose from $80 billion to $1 00 billion in 2006″ (Apollo Alliance, 2006). According to The Apollo Alliance (2006), ‘ This plan for energy independence, will bring America together to reshape our energy future, to become stronger economically, and to ensure a cleaner and safer environment. The plan calls for making America less dependent on imported oil and aging energy less polluting” (’12).

In order to make this world-changing transition a reality, it must be headed by our elected governmental officials. Each of us can play a vital role in procuring this change. Write the mayor, state and national elected officials. Tell them change is wanted from the obsolete, polluting technologies to renewable clean energy tech analogies of solar panels and hybrid vehicles. This is an opportunity of a lifetime. We can transform our economy and our environment, all at the same time. By using renewable energy we can create millions of new jobs, add billions in personal ND retail sales, and build a healthier environment.

The manufacturing sector can increase its competitiveness by simply using green energy sources. Within the public sector, our state and local govern meets can convert buildings, cars, buses and infrastructures to green. The rural and agricultural sector can profit from the wind energy and the befouls because they rely on open land and agricultural crops to generate power. Moreover, renewable clean energy could eliminate the need for oil tanker transportation of Marine Pollution Solution 4 crude oil and petroleum products over oceans and seas. Thus, putting an end to catastrophic IL spills, and chronic releases.

Renewable clean energy could be a monumental resource towards solving the marine pollution problem, with positive effects on organisms and the marine environment. Finally, plan to continue my research on renewable clean energy over the next two months. Subsequently I will retrieve and document information from peer review databases, opposing viewpoints, journals, and various Web sites. My objective is to develop a comprehensive educational program outlining the benefits of renewable clean energy, as it relates to: ocean pollution, marine environment, environmental health, and the economy.

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