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Managing multinational operations db4

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inserts His/her inserts inserts Grade   Managing Multinational Operations The concept of financial management comes very central to any organization seeking to survive in the global age. The issue becomes more intricate and demanding incase the organization is a multinational like Acme. In such a case, a lot of considerations have to be taken into account in the evaluation of the various financial service providers. The banking system in the United States is inundated with myriad banks that avail a variety of financial services. Most of these banks operate in very competitive environments and are always on the constant search to win any potential customers through the provision of better and more advanced services. This paper seeks to evaluate some of these services that make Citibank one of the best bankers in the United States and why Acme should regard it as the first option in its search for a financial service provider. Citibank avails a variety of financial services meant to suite offshore investors.
The Citi’s ‘ Openinvestor’ is a range of integrated services which are much updated to provide solutions to the modern investor. It must be remembered that one of the strengths of Citi basically lies on its global network that makes its impact felt across the globe. With over $13 trillion in assets scattered in over 100 countries, these resources are normally leveraged to avail fund administration, secure global custody and financial solutions customized to meet peculiar demands. Citi allows investors to focus on fund accumulation in order to build more capital for future investments. This is made possible through the top notch administrative services found in all Citi branches across the globe. In all respect, compared to other American bankers, Citi will certainly take the lead in promoting investment across the different cultures and situations found in different countries in the world.
Acme is seeking a financial partner that will provide it with a centralized cash management system- an attribute for which Citibank proud itself to be a leader in the market. In the same vein, the fund accounting services will enable Acme to offload the trouble of Portfolio Accounting thereby minimize risks while also improving the performance of its funds. In an increasingly competitive financial environment, a firm requires a bank that offers very stable foreign exchange management services that will enable it sail through the fluctuating economic situations. Citibank has designed a comprehensive portfolio of foreign exchange services that specifically relate to the local environments in the different countries the bank operates (Egelco, 2011).
In the banking industries all over the world, innovation and creativity drive the industries. Most American firms have not always perfected this art with most of their decisions centralized and emanating front the Head offices in America (Wriston, 2007). The idea to break Citibank into the Global finance Division and the Global Consumer Division was a great idea in creating effective segments that could effectively be managed without the much bureaucracy that existed before. As a multinational corporation, Acme will require a bank that can effectively provide it with financial credit on several occasions irrespective of the financial environment. Citibank has been ranked the largest credit provider since 1980s with over 100 years of experience in both international and local lending (Huertas, 2010). Therefore in comparison to the other American banks, Citibank will certainly hold the position as the best bank that any potential investor aspiring to venture into the global business environment should consider.
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