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Management issues

1. One of the best managerial qualities of my supervisor is on issues that involve observance of the regulations of the company. My supervisor is very strict when it comes to obeying laws and the laid down procedures of the company.
2. In giving out instructions and orders, my superior normally uses memos, and the instructions given out are to the point. However, when an instruction is urgent, my superior would use a face to face communication in giving out the order. His communication skills is efficient, hence he clearly gives the information required to carry out the task.
3. My superior is never strict on the amount of work, that an individual is required to undertake. All that he needs is for an employee to carry out a considerable amount of work, that he or she has the capability of performing, to the highest standard.
4. There are instance when my superior requires me to complete my work, within a specified period of time. These instances involve when the workload is too much, and the products being processed are needed urgently.
5. My superior normally tries to make me work to my maximum capacity. In as much as he does not emphasize on the workload, he ensures that the work being done, a lot of effort has been placed in it, and it is of high quality.
6. In some instances, I normally perform some inadequate jobs. This involves instances when I am sick. In these circumstances, my supervisor is understanding, and allows me some rest. However, the inadequate job that is done, well have to be redone by someone, in case it is urgent.
7. On most occasions, my supervisor would request for a report on the work done, and the challenges experienced while carrying out the work. This normally occurs on a weekly basis.
8. In working out the plans of the goal achievement, my supervisor normally involves every employee under his leadership. This is for purposes of hearing their opinions, and using them to develop the goal achievement plan.

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