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Major corporation

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Major Corporation Major Corporation Warmart Store Wal-mart is one of the leading corporations is America thathas played a significant role in generating and uplifting economy in the business sector. Wal-mart has been among the top ten fortune corporations in America for a couple of years. In order to maintain the high rank for the last several years, Wal-mart has managed to employ its philanthropic efforts with an aim of achieving its core competence. This has enabled the corporation to meet its goals and become a leading one all over the world. Some of the Wal-mart’s philanthropic efforts that the management has developed and been able to accomplish include maintaining overall customer focus in all its operations.
Wal-mart Corporation has managed to maintain corporate responsibility as a form of philanthropic effort by enhancing close relationship among all its stakeholders. Moreover, the corporation has managed to maintain social responsibility as a way of developing its success. The corporation has managed to enact its business practices according to the set legal and ethical values. For example, Wal-mart has always been able to maintain a clean name all over the years that it has been operation. The corporation has also been able to engage in corporate social responsibility (Kneer, 2009). This means that Wal-mart appreciates its customers and the community by engaging in various development activities for the well-being of the society.
In order to achieve the best within the competitive business sector in America, Wal-mart has also managed to enact a number of core values. One of the core values include offering respect for all individuals associated with the company daily operations (Kneer, 2009). This means that the corporation offers respect to all its employees through employing the appropriate leadership. The other core value that the corporation has managed to employ in its business operations is offering the best service to customers (Kneer, 2009). Each customer in Wal-mart is plays a significance role in enabling the corporation to meet its profit goals. Therefore, the corporation maintains a strong relationship with all its customers by treating them well and equally. The other core value that Wal-mart has been employing in its operations is striving for excellence (Kneer, 2009). This means that the corporation’s goal has always been being the best in the competitive market through providing better services to all its potential customers (Kneer, 2009).
Wal-mart Corporation has also played a significant to enhance core competence through developing various features associated with information technology (White & Bruton, 2011). This has been a better way of meeting the demand of customers all over the corporation’s stores worldwide. Through developing various mechanisms associated with information technology, Wal-Mart has managed to lower the prices of most of its commodities. Therefore, the corporation has been able to make more sales because of the increase in numbers of customers.
Apart from lowering its prices because of advancement in technology, the corporation has also been able to speed up its operations for the last couple of years. For example, cashiers employed at Wal-mart stores can be able to scan various products that customers are buying while using various technological devices (White & Bruton, 2011). This process has enabled the corporation to speed up its operations therefore, increasing number of sales. Moreover, through the development of information and technology, the corporation is able to reorder products and track sales patterns in a more efficient way (White & Bruton, 2011). Development of radio frequency identification (RFID) has also enabled the corporation to improve inventory controls (White & Bruton, 2011). All of these developments are entitled to enhance customer satisfaction.
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Kneer, C. (2009). The Wal-Mart Success Story. München: GRIN Verlag.
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