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Lupita mańana, chapters 1 – 3

” bided her time” waited for an opportune timestuccoa cement or plaster for surfacing wallschambermaidthe maid who takes care of a hotel roomporcelainceramic ware made of a more or less translucent ceramicstilt-like legsthin, skinny legsadobeclay used to make sun-dried brickscorrugated ironridged and grooved ironbewilderedconfusedmournfulsad” say the rosary” a set of beads used to record prayersconfirmationa ceremony where someone baptized is named a full member of the Churchprivybathroom, outhouseajaropen, as in ” the door was ajar” MassesChristian services of the Eucharist or Holy Communionstrewnscattered aboutcondolencesconsolationsmolelarge structure acting as pier or causewaymarlinlarge edible fishhullmain body of shipbowfront end of shipgangplankmovable plank for entering and exiting shipsprowpointed front end of shipforecastlefront part of ship below deckdeckship’s floorwharfplace in harbor where ships moorbewitchedput a spell on someonenunfemale person part of religious group” ears… playing her false” she is not hearing correctly; considering its truth valueimposetake advantage of someonegrief-bruised mindweak at mind from grief; having sorrowful thoughtsmonitora student with disciplinary or other special duties during school hoursdespitein spite ofplummetedfallen or dropped straight down at high speedchidedscolded or rebuked someonepinionedtied or held someone by the arms or legssullenbad-tempered and sulky ONLUPITA MAŃANA, CHAPTERS 1 – 3 SPECIFICALLY FOR YOUFOR ONLY$13. 90/PAGEOrder Now

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