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Love begets love essay

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Catalina was the eldest among five siblings. She had two brothers and two sisters. Their family lives in a poor country in Asia. As the eldest child, Catalina was tasked with the responsibility of helping their parents support the needs of the family. Their parents could not afford to send the children to college, and so, Catalina worked very hard to help her father earn a living. At the same time, she pursued a college education. She worked during the day and studied at night.

She took it upon herself that she had to work real hard and be strong to be able to fulfill her obligations to the family. She got employed in a law office where she fell in love with a lawyer much older than she was. Their affair resulted in a pregnancy which Catalina tried much to hide from her family. She was deeply hurt when her boyfriend refused to acknowledge the baby she was bearing. Out of dejection and guilt, Catalina ran away and hid from her family. She planned to have her child adopted by a rich but childless couple once she gave birth.

Her parents exhausted their efforts to find her and after a couple of weeks, they finally discovered the place where she was and took her back home with compassion and forgiveness. Catalina gave birth to a bouncing, beautiful baby girl who brought much joy to their family. Her parents decided to adopt their very first grandchild as their own so that Catalina could go on with her life as a single woman. The baby grew up as the sixth child in the family. Catalina decided to take responsibility over her daughter’s education by sending her to school until she could finish college.

Catalina continued to exert much effort to give a good education to her daughter while at the same time continuously supporting her parents. She made the night as day and laid her hands on any job that she could so as to fulfill the obligation she committed to give her only child. She did not entertain any suitors. The daughter did not know that her eldest sister was indeed her real mother until the daughter got married and had own children. The secret was finally revealed and because of the love and care showered by Catalina to her daughter and family, acceptance of the truth came quite easily.

Years went by and Catalina continued to support her aging parents and siblings whose lives have not been financially stable. She likewise did her best to support her own daughter when times were hard. She was generous even to friends who needed help. Her parents passed away but the obligation of being head of the family remained etched in her mind. She continued to give and to help not leaving much for her own personal needs. By living a simple life, she was able to share her blessings with others in need. The day came when Catalina suffered from a lung ailment coupled with an enlarged heart.

She had to be confined in a hospital and the family did not have enough means to sustain her medical needs. Amazingly, help from relatives and friends came pouring in for her hospital expenses. Her siblings and daughter stayed with her to give their time, support and care. Catalina did not recover from her illness and died. Again, the family worried where to get her burial expenses. But a big turnout of support continued to pour in. Many people who the family never knew arrived, condoled and offered assistance of all kinds. They are the people whom Catalina helped whenever she was able to.

They would recall how she would give what was meant for herself just so that she could alleviate the worries of the person who had a greater need. Love begot love. Catalina’s life, character, strong will and generosity touched many lives. She sowed generosity while she was strong and able. In illness and in death, she reaped what she sowed, and peacefully left the world to join her Creator. Man was created for others. By living a life of self-giving and love, man can fulfill the mission set out for him from the very beginning.

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