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Linking of markets essay

Innovations and technological improvements of MMORPGs have resulted in the development of new services with consumer appeal. Major advances in communications and the emergence of MMORPGs have made possible the widening and linking of markets. MMORPG markets have become more international as regulation has decreased and cross-national linkages have increased (Shields 2003). Excess capacity exists in a wide range of industries in many countries.

It has also been created as national or local producers have expanded to achieve economies of scale, to meet peaks in demand, to market to new areas, to employ an oversupply of labor, or for other reasons. Investments and real-money operations suggest that MMORPGs can become a part of economic market. The nature of demand conditions for the firm’s or industry’s products and services is important because it determines the rate and nature of improvement and innovation by the firms in the nation. Efficiency increases through market share increase, leading to a reduction in cost, and these lower costs then exceed price reductions. It is the interplay of demand conditions that produces competitive advantage. Of special importance are those conditions that lead to initial and continuing incentives to invest and innovate, and to continuing competition in increasingly sophisticated markets.

The commodity becomes a more expensive way of satisfying a want. The income and wealth of the people, both absolute magnitude and location, are relevant because they determine purchasing power. Following Ung-gi Yoon: “ Gamers discuss world views embodied by MMORPGs and share their opinions, and sometimes, engage in collective protests to drive home their demand for improvements on game operation” (Ung-gi Yoon, n. d. ). Also, whereas consumers buy virtual things for a variety of reasons, which may include less tangible considerations of status, industrial buyers tend to be more concerned with the utility of the product in their own process, as well as its contribution to their costs.

The balance can be achieved when the demand sets the quality standard and gives firms a better picture of buyer needs at an earlier time than is available to rivals. This advantage is enhanced when buyers pressure the industry to innovate quickly and frequently, and become a part of economic market.

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