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There is a great crisis going on in Libya. It is affecting the entire world. Libya only supplies a small amount of the world’s oil but it is enough to scare people into raising gas prices. The amount of oil coming out of Libya has not changed but fear that it will have caused people to raise their gas prices. Libya’s leader, Muammar Qaddafi, has resulted to violence in order to take out the protestors.

Many of innocent people are getting hurt. The United States should step in and help the innocent people just like they have been. In Libya there is a large amount of people that want to see a change in who is in power. There is a group that sometimes uses violence to express their opinions. Qaddafi has been trying to break up the group. Last week Qaddafi used an air strike to try to get rid of the protestors.

Many of innocent people were killed in that failed attempt to break up the protestor’s group. This is where the United Nations drew the line. They stepped in to help the innocent people by performing their own air strike on the Libyan palace (http://topics. nytimes. com/top/news/international/countriesandterritories/libya/index. html).

They are telling Qaddafi to stop fighting his own people. Qaddafi has not listened yet. Libya does not supply a lot of the world’s oil but this revolution has frightened gas store owners into raising the prices of gas. With the United Nations, which consists of the United States, Great Britain, and France, hitting the country of Libya with bombs, people are starting to think the output of oil from that country is going to decrease. This has led to the sharp increase in gas prices all over the country. The United States have made it very clear that they are not trying to kill Qaddafi with these air strikes.

They are just trying to send a message to Qaddafi that he has to stop killing his own citizens. They have tried to warn Qaddafi but he won’t listen. They have tried to set up a no fly zone in Libya and they continue to send planes. These are the troubles that are happening in Libya. It is affecting the whole world as they think the exports from the country will decrease.

As a result of this the prices of those items will increase. The country is getting violent as people are fighting for what they believe. They want a change in government and to see someone else in power. The United Nations are not helping to end the revolution but it is helping to protect the innocent people that are getting caught up in the middle of it. The United States should keep doing what they are doing in defending the innocent people in Libya.

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