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Letter of recommendation

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LETTER OF RECOMMENDATION I take great pleasure to recommend the candidature of Mr. XXXYYY for admission into the graduate program at your esteemed university. He has been a student in many of my classes during theacademicyears to and my interaction with him during this period had given me adequate scope to examine him intimately, as to judge hispersonalityand scholastic capabilities. Having taught him , supervising him in laboratory, being his final year project mentor, I had an occasion to be in close association with him.

I am glad to present this testimonial for your reference and I know he would do well if given the opportunity to continue hiseducation. Mr. XXXYYY is intelligent, inquisitive and yearns to gain in-depth knowledge. He has an excellent ken of Analytical and Logical Skills, which he applies efficiently in problem solving. He is optimistic, communicates effectively while working as a part of team and has a strong work ethic. I found him very sincere, diligent and responsible towards his course work.

He is equipped with the right level of self-confidence and maturity. When in times where the students were reluctant to take up real time projects during their final year, Mr. XXXYYY with his knowledge and experience on the Software, embedded systems design, manufacturing process & with his personal network connections for procuring components required for the project, encouraged and made six other teams to take up real time projects.

More so, he and his team completed their final year project “ Project Title” with excellence and won the Best Project of the Year Award from the university. Mr. XXXYYY’s proficiency in English is commendable. He has always maintained a good academic record in both theory and practical studies and has been a regular student in our institution. His organizational, analytical and interpersonal skills are highly developed. He maintains a good rapport with the faculty members and peers.

Considering his performance records and other activities, I place him in the top 5% in his class. He has shown themotivation, intelligence, preserving nature and analytical aptitude for graduate program. Considering his enthusiastic quest for knowledge and intellectual capabilities, I strongly advocate him for Master’s program in your honored university. I am confident that he would continue to be a promising and competitive student and would be capable of efficiently discharging his duties. I wish him a prosperouscareerahead.

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