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The more bricks, the more you need to pay. Generally, the price Is from SO-SASS, some simple models such as vehicles, airplanes is more cheap than the princess castle or the city models. So, the primary factor that can control the prices I think is the quantity of bricks.

Place: LOGO use different ways to sell their product, you can find it in the LOGO retail stores, also can buy it from their official website, as well as it can be sold inDisneyLand and Disney World. Today, LOGO have operated 90 retail stores. Promotion: LOGO pay more attention on their promotion. They use multiple ways hope customer can be attracted.

LOGO always use the short video on their official website to show the characteristics of their toys, in order to more clearly display their toys features. At the same time, On February, 2014, LOGO company used their own bricks to produced movie In order to promote their products.

When some holidays or special days, LOGO always give some discount for their toys, such as buy on get on half price or give some simply toys discount to attract customers. 3. What does Understood mean by saying “ take known constructs and organize them in new and surprising ways”? I think it means LOGO not only keep on producing their original toy bricks, but also need concern add technologies to their products. Because of in recent society, lot of customers would like to select some toys with special technical features, such as people more like video game or robots because of it is intelligent and operate more easily.

Therefore, paying more attention on the old plastic bricks cannot let LOGO keep attracting their customers, they need add more technical element such combine the robots with their bricks, give the vehicle engines. Using bricks with more technologies can give LOGO more reputation and attraction. 4. Why do you think creating a series targeting young girls was Important to LOGO? At first time, they reason why Logo’s target customers are boys Is that their products are more vehicles, city construction or war themes. It just can attract the boy.

However, the girl attracted more girls, so girls can bring LOGO more profits, it is a huge market for this company. Therefore, LOGO develop the LOGO Princess phase and Friend phase to attract more girls. 5. Why do adults like to play with LOGOS? I think because of LOGO can improve their intelligence and hand-on skills. Logo’s bricks not only can used by the traditional model, but also it can used to innovate special model that different with the list.

Therefore, more adults would like to use their bricks construct a new models, they think it can improve their innovation and creativity.

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