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Leading group challenges paper

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There are many important elements of organizational behavior in a criminal justice or security agency. These elements of organizational behavior are guidelines to organization hire valuable employees with values, morals, and ethnics. Commitment to ethical behavior one of the elements among others that will be discuss in this paper. Commitment to ethical behavior is when unethical behavior and illegal business practice in an organization is publicized.

This is element that is use in the criminal justice and security agencies because the public and businesses trust the agencies to perform their duties withprofessionalism, morality, and diligence. The public sees through the media about police officer who have been caught breaking the law and conducting unethical behavior while on and off duty. The public has the see that the agencies are not tolerating unethical behavior from their personnel official because to restore the public’s faith in the agency.

Importance of human capital is an element use because employee love to know that they are being value by the organization he or she is employed with. Human behavior is very complex in an organization because of the demographic increase in the country, which results in employees with different cultures and background. This makes it hard for other employees to sustain success, so experience, knowledge and commitment to people plays a major part in sustaining that success. This true when it comes to a criminal justice and security agency where they come into contact with different cultures and backgrounds on a daily basis.

Pervasive influence of informationtechnologywith penetration of computers andcommunicationin all aspect of the workplace, it is important for a organization to keep up with the advancement of technology in the criminal justice and security agency. Technology is playing a major role in how criminals for committing crimes, which is why there has been a increase in cyber crimes because a criminal can bedazzlemoney, commit identity theft, and launder money from anywhere there is a computer with a capability to commit the transaction, even sex offenders are using cyberspace to search for victim.

Many law enforcement agencies has development special division and hired computer experts to help combat the increase of cyber crimes. Emphasis on teamwork is a very important element in organizational behavior in the criminal justice or security agency. Many criminal organization are starting to work together to goal of making a huge profit in illegal activity, which is making it difficult for law enforcement to infiltrate and investigate a criminal organization because most of the criminal organization have knowledge of law enforcement personnel around their local area.

Law enforcement agencies have teamed up and used other undercover officer from different local, state, and federal agencies to infiltrate and investigate illegal activity by criminal organizations. The United States may also team with agencies on an international level to help combat international criminal organization, in an effort to stopterrorism, drugs, human trafficking, and etc. Most organization have develop an element called a mission statement. A mission statement describes and helps focus the attention of organizational members and external constituents on the organization’s core purpose.

This is use in the criminal justice and security agency use mission statement for the success of the organization and better serve the community or businesses that they have agree to serve and protect. Demise of command-and-control because the handling of new environmental pressure and demands are proving incapable of a traditional hierarchical; organization are replacing them with a flexible structures and participatory work setting fully, which value human capital.

Criminal justice and security agencies hierarchical are adapting to flexible structure to appreciate the value of human capital to keep the moral high within the organization, and with the hierarchical still in place complaints and incident can be reported to a supervisor. Respectfor new workforce expectations this is when the new generation of workers are not tolerating of hierarchy, more informal, and status is the least of their concerns.

Organization are supporting their workers by paying more attention to helping the new generation balance their work responsibilities and personal affairs. This is true in the criminal justice and security agency, because employee must be totally focus on the mission statement an agency can’t afford for an employee’s job performance to suffer because of personal issue, so some have set up programs or counseling to help their employees deal with their issues. An agency knows personal issues can affect the value, morals, ethnics, and professionalism of the job.

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