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Leadership style

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Leadership is an integral part of human social behaviour which is intricately linked with the followers. Leadership can be defined as a persuasive communication skill which inspires others to achieve a common goal. Leadership in all areas assumes special meaning because it motivates and encourages that target group within the population that plays a crucial part in the future of nation building processes. Indeed, in the contemporary environment of competitive business, the leadership style and leadership initiatives become major propellant of gaining effective leverage against business rivals. The Jack Welsh and Russell Simmons are two important leaders whose leadership has significantly impacted business across the world.
Jack Welch, former CEO of General Electric, is renowned for his exemplary leadership quality and his innovative approach in the cutthroat business. He reinforces the concept of value based leadership that promotes and facilitates continuous learning and focuses on participative leadership style that encourages collective decision and mutual trust building to improve and improvise outcome (Welsh, 2005). Simmons on the other hand relies primarily on charismatic leadership that is focused on exploiting the potential of black youth through hip hop culture that may not be applicable for people across the board. His leadership style, is based on inflaming the emotions of the target audience and thereby influence their decision making.
McShane defines a leader as ‘ one who has vision, perseverance, and the capacity to inspire others’ (2003). Welsh’s leadership addresses organizational leadership and exhorts them to adopt dynamic strategies to meet the challenges of the changing times. The leadership is focused on knowledge and skills of the employees and exploits them to achieve organizational goals. Strong communication skill and intrinsic understanding of human nature become vital factors that inspire change towards the better. Cross cultural understanding and relationship building are strong ingredients of Welsh’s leadership. Simmons’ leadership has emerged from a sense or concept of inequity, racism and self empowerment of the African Americans. He has exploited the cultural dynamics of Hip Hop phenomenon of the black community to address their myriad problems.
Welsh encourages creativity and innovative practices that give a unique perspective to participatory approach of management and students. The motivating factor of leadership facilitates adaptability to changing equations, which occur due to rapidly changing environment of emerging new patterns in various organizational processes. It has another very important attribute of recognizing the wide scope of emerging opportunities. The empirical relationship of leaders and the emerging changes are critical for a given situation and therefore, good leadership demands a better informed leader who is capable of taking initiative and at the same time, he is also able to inculcate confidence in his followers to move forward. Simmons promotes self empowerment as the main tool of optimizing performance and says that there are no failures, only quitters (Simmons, 2007).
One can, therefore, conclude that Welsh’s leadership style is universal in its application and addresses the business strategies of the organizational leadership. But, Russell Simmons leadership is confined to address the problems of black communities and bring them to the political center stage.
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